3 Homemade Pho Recipes That Take Less Than An Hour

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You already know that pho is the great tasting Vietnamese noodle soup – but did you know that you can easily get that great taste in your own kitchen? Pho is the name for noodle soup which started in Vietnam but has spread throughout the world. As it tastes so delicious, a lot of people imagine that it must be a fine art to cook it. In fact, however, pho doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming at all. With the right approach and a few smart shortcuts, there’s nothing to stop you delighting yourself and your family with your own tasty pho in under an hour. We’ll share the quick tips chefs in the know use, to help you get your fill of pho – fast!

Beef Pho In Under an Hour

Beef pho tastes great and with this simple, fast recipe, you no longer need to wait! First pick up a pack of dried rice noodles at any ethnic food store or supermarket. Cook them in a few minutes, drain them and leave them to cool. While the noodles are cooling, warm some oil in a pan and throw in the beef. If you have fairly thin slices of beef it’s best in terms of speed and also a great texture. If the beef is cubed you may need to cook it for slightly longer, until it’s browned on the outside and at least cooked medium throughout. Next, using the same pan on heat, add some garlic, onion and peppers, or whatever you like to enjoy beef with. After all, this is all about fast pho, not necessarily authentic Vietnamese style pho. Fill the frying pan almost to the top with beef stock and if you have fish sauce or Chinese-style hoisin sauce, add a dash of one now. Keep the pot simmering away, turn the heat lower and leave it on for five to ten minutes. Now simply add some bean sprouts, coriander and if you want a bit of kick, sliced pepper to season and your beef pho is ready to enjoy.

Chicken Pho in No Time

You can also shave hours off the traditional preparation time for chicken phi if you want (and who wouldn’t?) This pho has a real Vietnamese kick and that’s because you start by warming spices for several minutes in a pan on medium heat. Add cloves, star anise if you have some, and any other pungent, aromatic spices you have to hand which you think may work. Once the spices start to fill your kitchen with their scent, add chicken – breast, wing or whatever you prefer. Put in some chopped onion, a little sliced ginger and a dash of fish sauce, then fill almost to the brim with chicken stock. Let this simmer for fifteen minutes then add in your noodles, taking care not to let the liquid level spill over the top of the pan. Once the noodles are cooked after a few minutes, you can serve, garnishing with bean sprouts and fresh leafy herbs.

Vegetarian Pho Can be a Quick Cinch Too!

Good news for vegetarians – you also can enjoy a tasty pho homemade in under one hour! As you aren’t using meat you’ll want more flavour in the stock, so use a lot of what you read above already – chopped onion, garlic, some sliced ginger, star anise, and cloves. You may also want to add cinnamon, shallots for some extra flavour and a bit of spice if that’s your thing. Fry them for a few minutes, then add liquid and let simmer for twenty minutes or so. Once the liquid has become a tasty stock you can keep solid vegetables, or discard as you wish. Add in the noodles, cook for a few minutes, and you are ready to serve – just garnish with bean sprouts, and a lime. Pho has a well-deserved reputation for its great flavour and filling nature. Usually it’s a slow dish to prepare, but with these handy tips you can get the pho you want at home in less than an hour. Why not try one of the recipes in your dinner tonight?