4 Solid Email Addresses, Marketing Templates

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Email marketing is a vital component for attracting new business and maintaining relationships with existing customers. A wide variety of platforms exist to make email marketing user-friendly. By using templates, even the least tech-savvy business owner can create a beautiful email marketing campaign right from their laptop.

Picking The Platform

Before deciding which email template to use, a company must first make a decision about the email marketing platform that they will choose. One of the most common platforms for email marketing is MailChimp. MailChimp allows users to import lists of contacts, design beautiful HTML emails without needing to know code, send them to custom lists of recipients, and track the success of email campaigns using their detailed analytics. MailChimp has a wide variety of ready-to-use templates and also allows users to make their own custom templates using content blocks. MailChimp offers a free plan for small business and a wide range of other low-cost plans. Their user guides are very informative and explain what can often be jargon-y industry terms in a way that is easy to understand if you are a lay person. On the downside, MailChimp’s free plans do not include auto-responders. Reports are also not refreshed in real-time and users must continually reload their browser to see the latest data. Emma is another very simple and easy to use email marketing software. The platform offers a variety of features designed to simplify email marketing, including a drag and drop editor, optional A/B campaign testing, audience segmentation, and targeting based on customer behavior. Emma features over 100 polished looking templates for those looking to roll their campaigns out in style without having to put in all the leg work. Emma is geared towards companies who are looking to reach out to a minimum of 2,500 contacts. Another popular email marketing platform is Campaign Monitor, which features a drag and drop email templates, customer personalization, signup forms to grow contact lists, and targeted analytics. Campaign Monitor also integrates seamlessly with hundreds of business apps. Constant Contact is an affordable option which is compatible with many programs that companies likely utilize already, such as Gmail and Outlook. Constant Contact allows users to customize templates so that they reflect a company’s brand. The platform also includes scheduling and autoresponder options.

What To Look For In A Template

Once a company has chosen which platform to use for email marketing, it is time to pick a template. There are many important factors for companies to consider when picking which template to use including the purpose of the email marketing campaign, the audience it is intended to reach, the brand identity of the company, and the ease and functionality of the template. Companies should first look at the intended response of an email marketing campaign. Is the idea of the campaign to inform, is it designed to sell something or elicit donations?  Selecting the correct type of template is the first step in creating a successful email marketing campaign. Next, it is important to consider the audience that the campaign is intended to reach. Tailoring a marketing campaign to its audience will increase consumer engagement and increase response. It is also essential that the email marketing campaigns remain loyal to a company’s brand identity. Brands help consumers establish trust with a company and reaffirming a brand through an email marketing campaign is an important step in building that trust. Finally, it is essential to consider the ease and functionality of a template. Many consumers access email on their mobile devices so it is critical that companies choose a responsive email design. In addition, the balance of visual versus written content is critical in terms of piquing the interest of consumers and holding their attention.

A Solid Template From Each Platform

The following four email design templates represent solid picks from each of the four above platforms. MailChimp’s Bote Boards campaign uses strategically placed images and video to draw viewers in. The simple text on the campaign is punctuated with easy to read buttons encouraging action on behalf of the recipient. This is a great tactic for encouraging responses. Emma’s Bay Window template is colorful and fun. Its visual styling pulls viewers in and the responsive design means that it looks just as nice when viewed from a mobile device. This Multi-Image Promo campaign from Constant Contact earns points for being easy to read, visually stunning, and mobile responsive. Campaign Monitor’s Apartment Therapy campaign is a great example of an email marketing newsletter template. The wealth of photos draw viewers in and the simple text makes it easy to understand what is going on. The brand is also clearly visible. These are just a few examples of what the above email marketing platforms offer. Visit their websites to view a wider array of templates. Happy Marketing!