5 Biggest Shipyards in the United States

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In the world of shipyards, there are different classifications that set some apart from the rest. Not every shipyard is capable of handling certain types of traffic, and not all of them can handle large volumes. Let’s look at the five biggest shipyards in the United States to get an idea about what makes them different from their smaller counterparts. From the jobs that they can add to the workforce thanks to their variety of products and services that they offer, each of the shipyards on this list are a big part of the machine that drives the American industrial network.

Lake Union Drydock Company

The Lake Union Drydock Company is one of the largest shipyards in Seattle. The company got its start in 1919. Since that time, it has become one of the most fully featured shipyards in the northwest.

Huntington Ingalls Industries

While Huntington Ingalls Industries is not a shipyard that just anyone can go to, it is considered one of the largest in the country in terms of production capacity and workforce. Huntington Ingalls Industries is a contractor for the U.S. Navy, and it produces some of the fastest and most powerful vessels available.

Sause Bros. Ocean Towing Co. Inc.

Sause Bros. is a shipyard that is more focused on services offered than building new ships. The company offers a complete range of services that make life easier for anyone who happens to be travelling in the waters near this great company. This shipyard can tow other ships when they are having troubles, build structures related to marine transportation, and a full range of repair services.

Marinette Marine Corp

In 1942, this company got its start with a couple of small contracts to build barges. In the time since, it has exploded into what is now one of the largest shipyards in the United States. It proudly tells all who inquire that it has built more than 1,500 ships to date, and the processes used in its construction are as sophisticated as it gets. Every part of the building and designing processes are controlled and carried out by modern, computer-driven technology, making it the go-to option for anyone looking to buy state-of-the-art equipment at a decent price.

Foss Maritime Company

Another shipyard from Seattle is the Foss Maritime Company. Foss is a full-service shipyard that has the capabilities to provide mechanic services and various repairs to vessels in need, to build ships and many other kinds of sea-faring vessels, and to provide towing and assistance operations.

Land a Job at a Shipyard

There are many job opportunities to be found at America’s shipyards. If getting a job in one of them seems like something that you would like to pursue, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. How much money will you make? How much responsibility will you handle? Are you looking for seasonal work or something year-round? If it is money and responsibility that you are after, there are many shipyard jobs that can offer you that. But there are more stringent methods of getting those jobs. Often, a college degree and a certain amount of on-the-job experience is required for these higher-paying positions. If you are just looking to get in on the ground floor, there are many jobs that involve maintenance and working in the fisheries. There are so many jobs available at the country’s largest shipyards that there is likely to be a perfect fit for your needs, education level, and experience level. Shipyards are a major driving force in the economy. They help supply necessary materials to various manufacturing entities throughout the country and provide several people with jobs. Whether you are interested in America’s largest shipyards for employment opportunities – of which there are many – or you simply have an interest in the industry that has brought the United States to the place it is today, there are plenty of interesting things to see and do in America’s shipyards. Why not research one that interests you to see exactly its impact on the United States and day-to-day life?