5 Great Cloud Backup Options For Small Businesses

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One of the smartest investments a small business can make is using cloud storage. The last thing you need is important documents disappearing when you need them with important files stored on them. With cloud backups and storage, you can keep your files safer and out of prying eyes that may be dangerous to your business. Not to mention, by using a cloud backup you can easily send documents to and from. To help get you and your business started, here are 5 cloud backup options to choose from.


Carbonite is an impressive cloud backup program that helps home offices and small business run more effectively. With a variety of options to choose from depending on what you need, such as data recovery and protection, the company can help you automatically backup your files with high security details. Plus, it can store just about any type of file, whether it’s graphics, videos, emails, etc. for only $59 to $899 a year. So, no matter if you’re a small business or an individual user, Carbonite can help suit any need you have.


For cloud services at a friendlier cost, Zoolz is a great option for small businesses with a budget. Starting at 1TB for only $30/month, Zoolz includes unlimited servers and users to help backup whatever files you need on an ongoing basis. Plus, this cloud backup program offers no limits to what you can upload, which is perfect for growing companies. In addition, Zoolz offers a tri-cloud program option including storage for daily use, long-term storage, and localized storage on your own external drive.


For complete backup service and cloud storage, check out CrashPlan. With this cloud backup service, your data is backed up as frequently as every minute. The system monitors data for changes in real time and only backups up files that have been altered. If a file has already been backed up, CrashPlan will not make another copy of it. This makes backups smaller, faster, and easier to complete. All of your files are available for viewing securely on your mobile device and can be downloaded for offline viewing. This service also offers a desktop app, customer versioning, and strong security features. You can purchase an individual, business, or large enterprise plan.

SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is an excellent option for small businesses that are concerned about costs and security. SOS provides cloud backup services for businesses, homes, and enterprises. Plans start at just $29.99 a month. Their subscription plans offer unlimited storage, end-to-end encryption, no limits on file size or type, access on mobile devices, and frequent backups. SOS also offers plans specifically for small businesses. The SOS for Business plan has built-in localized backup, protects an infinite number of computers (Apple and PC), and offers unlimited versioning thanks to its Timeline Recovery.


As one of the most well-known cloud storage options out there, Dropbox is used by both businesses and individuals alike. This site allows you to upload, store, share, and sync data across all of your devices using either the website or the mobile app. This gives you access to your files anywhere you go. At no cost, you can receive up to 2GB of storage and file syncing and sharing. With a free account, you will also have security features like two-step authentication, SSL encryption, and mobile passcodes. Dropbox also offers paid monthly subscriptions which start at $8.25 per user for 1TB of storage space. You may also consider opting in for a business account. This subscription costs $12.50 a month per user and provides unlimited storage, team management tools, extra security features, and priority access to customer support lines. Running a business can get costly, but with these cloud backup options, managing it can much easier. Especially with these services, you can save further money on extra effort, time, and expenses. So, save yourself and your business while investing in cloud storage.