Cheap Vacations to Cost-Friendly Cuba

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If you are looking for a great place to go and enjoy the beach and spend your days lazily basking in the warm sun while your worries slowly fade away, there aren't many cheaper places to do that than the hotels and resorts in Cuba. There are many factors that go into why Cuba is such a cost-friendly travel destination, but none of these make travelling there to enjoy what the incredible islands has to offer a bad idea. From the culture to the food to the people, Cuba is an experience that all should be a part of, even if it is just once in their lives.   If you are one of the lucky ones deciding to go down to this jewel of the Atlantic, you have a lot of choice when it comes to the types of places you can stay. There are plenty of world-class all-inclusive resorts, but there are also smaller hotels that can really give you the feeling of the place you are in. Affordable Cuba vacations can be found no matter what option you choose, so your choice of where to spend your time is more dependent on personal preference than it is a money issue.  

Tour Packages

One way that almost everyone can enjoy an affordable Cuba vacation is to plan a tour which includes the flight, the hotel, and the tours around the country of Cuba. There are hundreds of deals to be found which make the whole trip extremely affordable. These great deals don't only make everything unbelievably cheap, but they also take virtually all the work out of the entire process of travel, from time you are picked up from the airport to when they drop you back off, you don't need to worry about anything.     To book these types of affordable Cuba vacations, there are many travel agents that have all the latest deals and information, and there are also plenty of travel websites where you can book your tour package. Some of the more popular websites include;,,, and many more.   If you want a couple of examples of just how good these all-inclusive travel programs can be, we have assembled a small list of places and prices to let you in on the secret. All of the prices in these examples are taken from online travel agents and the prices are quoted from Toronto to Cuba. The first on the list is the beautiful Club Amigo Marea del Portillo. For the low price of $495 per person, what you get is a flight, transfers taken care of, and seven days in the amazing resort. Of course, while at the resort, there are many other things that guests can take advantage of as well making this a really sweet deal. Another example is Memories Varadero Beach Resort, located in beautiful Varadero, Cuba. This resort is family-friendly and offers more activities and amenities than you can imagine for the amazing price of $650 per person, for seven days. To get these prices even lower, all you need to do is order your trip a bit early.  

All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusives are another great option if you want to take an affordable Cuba vacation. While booking these types of vacations there are sometimes airfare and other services included in the deal, but generally, the focus is on the resort itself. For one simple price, everything at these places is included. From the amenities offered to the meals to the entertainment options, all-inclusives provide a kind of free-for-all atmosphere that is very suitable for people not wanting to track every one of their purchases throughout the course of the trip. What's even better is that when trying to get an affordable Cuba vacation, it is very easy to find all-inclusive resorts at prices that have been drastically reduced.  

Going Local Lowers Prices

Tour packages and big-name resorts aren't for every kind of traveler, of course, and there is plenty of great news for those who prefer the more down-to-Earth approach. These options are the smaller hotels which operate on the local currency which keeps them very cheap for foreign travelers. In many ways, these types of hotels are able to provide every bit of the memorable experience that the bigger locations can, while at the same time offering something special. Guests get the feeling that they are being catered to on more of a personal level at these types of hotels which is always really nice. Common prices for the local hotels range from about $50 to $100 per night, per person and they each offer slightly different services and amenities. Finding a hotel and booking online is recommended because it secures the prices and you also get the chance to read the other customer reviews.   As you can easily see, an affordable Cuba vacation is something that everyone can enjoy. Couples, friends, groups of friends or coworkers, newlyweds, and families, can all find perfect options when it comes to finding the perfect fit for their needs. What are you waiting for? Book your affordable Cuba vacation now, and enjoy the wonderful things that are waiting for you there.