Brands and Providers of PDF Printers and Converters

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As the number of PDF files continues to increase, the need to edit them has risen. The need to convert documents into PDF files to share them across the Internet has increased, as well. There is a real demand for both PDF converter and printer apps. But which apps to choose? Here’s some detailed information about the brands, the costs, and much more.

Adobe Products are the Best and Most Expensive

The PDF format was created by Adobe. But after more than 15 years of only making it available to people who bought its software, Adobe opened the file format to the public in the late 2000s. Now, it is widely used around the world. If you want the best printer and converter, Adobe Acrobat is the software to buy. It is available to download for free to MAC, PC, and Android platforms to view PDF documents. But, if you want to create, edit, and fillable PDF files, you need the DC (Document Cloud) software. There are monthly subscription options available, and they are well worth it if you use PDF files on a regular basis. The DC subscription services for individuals costs $12.99-$14.99 per month. Adobe offers the best products for building and editing PDF files. But its products are expensive. And, they require annual subscription renewals. This is why so many third-party software developers have created their own PDF printers and converters.

Features of PDF Printers and Converters

A PDF printer changes a document from its original form into a PDF, while a converter reverts the PDF back to an editable format. If you prefer to not spend a small fortune on an annual basis, there are other PDF printers and converters available for free or small fees. When it comes to free options, PDF printers have better design than the converters. It is easier to switch a document to a PDF than vice versa. So, you spend more on a quality converter than on a printer. And, a PDF printer doesn’t actually “print” the document - it just puts it into a PDF version that could be printed.

Products for Google Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome user, there are several options that work well as PDF printers and converters. The Chrome Web Store has free extensions, like Kami, which allows users to annotate and fill in PDF documents. DocHub is another free PDF filler that allows users to put their signatures on PDFs. DocHub also allows for minimal editing. These free extensions are technically PDF converters and offer some flexibility for Google Chromebook users who cannot add Adobe products to their computers.

CutePDF Lineup of Products

If you need a PDF printer, there are several options. CutePDF is a popular choice that comes in several versions and costs. There are free versions, like the CutePDF writer, that let users create PDF documents quickly and easily. Many businesses and government offices use CutePDF. CutePDF also offers a PDF editor, but the free version has limitations. It requires the use of Flash, so it does not work with Google products, even though it is Website enabled. CutePDF also has a Professional version and a Converter. Both need to be installed, and there is a fee attached. These products have good reputations and are more affordable than the Adobe versions. Visit CutePDF’s Website for pricing information and details.

Icecream and Soda PDF Products

Even though it does not sound like a software company, the PDF converter from Icecream Apps works well. There are several advance features that let users change their PDFs into nearly every file extension available, like DOC, HTML, TIFF, GIF, and EPUB. Icecream allows for conversion both to and from PDFs, and this product is free to use. There is a professional version that does have a fee of $49. But, for regular users, that fee is worth it for the added features and ease of use. Icecream also has a product called, SodaPDF, which does more difficult conversions, like PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, or RTF. Soda products are free to use, and there are different versions for touchscreens and traditional desktop computers.

What to Watch for with Free Apps

When you add free PDF printers and converters to your devices, it is important that you are aware of what they can do to your devices. Some of the apps adjust your settings, so you have different default apps. Some deliberately add advertisements to your apps, and some try to sell you products while you are using the PDF apps. Some free apps also add malware because it gives developers a steady stream of income. Giving away free apps does not pay the bills. Freeware can be problematic for many users, so you need to decide if you want to pay a little up front or deal with freeware issues. For many users, the one-time fee is worth it, just so their devices are not altered. There are several decisions that need to be made prior to adding PDF printers and converters to devices. Do you need a PDF converter or printer? If yes, would you choose free apps or those that are subscription-based?