Do Crime Stoppers Programs Keep You Safe?

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It is no secret that wherever you live, you are faced with crime. Crime comes in all forms and much of it can completely ruin the quality of life of those living in the shadow of it. The problem is that most of us are not strong enough to confront criminals head on. Even when we are strong enough, the proposition can be just plain dangerous. The risk comes in many forms, but the highest level of danger comes when the criminals know who is reporting them. That risk often keeps people from reporting crimes that they should call the police about. Fortunately, Crime Stoppers and similar programs take that risk away and make your neighborhood a great place to live.

Do Crime Stoppers Programs Reduce Crime?

It is a bit difficult to determine how much more successful crime fighting has become with the advent of Crime Stoppers programs, but many in law enforcement believe that there has been a real improvement in fugitives being caught and brought to justice. There are a few important factors that seem to help the success of these programs. The first, and most important, is the anonymity that the program offers. People are much more inclined to give information when they know that their identity is not being recorded. Most people are afraid to report crimes and criminals due to a fear of retaliation. For example, a senior citizen may live next door to someone they think is selling drugs. But the elderly person is afraid of someone coming after them if they file a report. Another thing that gets people to use the service is that there is a reward when an arrest is made. The rewards vary in size, but they can reach to several thousands of dollars in some cases.

Real Crime Stoppers

There are Crime Stoppers programs all over the world. Since their initial start, they have earned a lot of respect from the law enforcement forces. Three notable examples of successful programs are:

Macon Crime Stoppers

Macon Crime Stoppers is a very well-known crime stoppers program operated in the Illinois area of Decatur and Macon. Locals call 425-8477 from an Illinois line to report a crime and that is all that they must do. Since its humble beginnings in 1984, Macon Crime Stoppers has been responsible for the capture and arrest of criminals connected to 23 homicides, 83 armed robberies, 250 burglaries, 142 drug-related offences, and much more. The program is responsible for the closure of almost 2,000 crimes to date.

Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers

The Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers organization operates in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Residents of the Colorado Springs metro area can call 719-634-7867 to reach the operators of this very successful program. On the Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers Website, there is an updated list of featured fugitives that gets posted every week, links to information about featured crimes, and a complete list of wanted fugitives in the area.

Canadian Crime Stoppers Association

The Canadian Crime Stoppers Association is linked to the international crime fighting organization, Interpol. Like the Crime Stoppers programs in the United States, reporting a crime with the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association is completely anonymous and has become a valuable tool for solving difficult cases all throughout the country. The primary focus of the organization is on missing persons and human trafficking, but it takes reports on several other types of crimes and criminals, as well.

How These Programs Work

To stop crime, Crime Stoppers do not actually go out and arrest anyone. Crime Stoppers programs stand on the shoulders of the local law enforcement that operate in the same area. Crime Stoppers act as a buffer between the local authorities and concerned citizens. People call in, the program records the information, and gives a code to the caller without collecting any personal information. Then, they give the information to the detectives who are assigned to the cases in question. Many people do not report the crimes that they see because they are either afraid, or they don't think that the time spent reporting actually leads to a solution to the criminal action. With Crime Stoppers programs, there are fewer questions. As a result, a faster response. By enabling the public to report fugitives without giving any personally identifying information, the fear factor is almost completely removed. These programs are all over the place, and they have enjoyed much success. If you see a crime, know where a dangerous fugitive is living or hiding out, or think that someone in your area might be up to no good, calling a Crime Stoppers program could possibly lead to the arrest of a dangerous person. In today’s world, so many crimes could be prevented or stopped, only if someone had said something. You don’t want to be a victim, so be a crime stopper! Have you ever reported a crime or criminal? If not, what stopped you?