Five Last-Minute Getaway Ideas For Couples

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Sometimes the thought of getting away as soon as possible is irresistible - but the price tag can be very easy to resist. A last minute getaway can be the just the thing, though. It can be relaxing, inspiring, and enjoyable. Crucially, it is long enough for you to have the benefits of a break without being so long that you need to disrupt your work or daily life too much. It can be helpful to get inspiration for the best sorts of last minute getaways. Here we share five ideas for great getaway breaks which require the minimal amount of planning. So, if you are looking for something at the last minute, you have come to the right place!

Do a Short Course Together

Sitting in a classroom might not sound like fun – but that depends what sort of class it is. An intensive weekend course can be the ideal way to spend a weekend. It will give you a structure for the getaway, your schedule is fixed so you don’t need to plan much, and you will have a real sense of achievement. It is amazing what you can learn in an intensive burst of two or three days, which is why a short course can feel so rewarding. It could be a subject you’ve always been interested in, an introduction to a language for somewhere you hope to visit, a development of a skill you have like singing, or a practical hands on course in anything from building dry stone walls to horse whispering. Courses can be perfect for a couple – you can learn together, or if you have separate interests, you can take different classes during the day and then compare notes over dinner together before tucking in for a deep sleep.

Visit Wine Country

Wine tourism has been increasing in popularity in recent years – and it can be the perfect getaway even at short notice. Wine is made in far more areas than most people realise. A lot of wineries offer the chance to visit and sample their wares, as well as a tour of the winery and sometimes also of the production period. If you are there at the right time of year, you might also get roped in to helping the harvest and the winemaking. Trendy wineries offer accommodation at the winery, but a wide range of other producers offer more affordable options too. A lot of wineries cluster near each other in wine growing areas, so you can also book at a local bed and breakfast and visit more than one winery in the weekend. Winery tours have seasonal popularity, so often if they are not busy you can find space even at a few hours’ notice.

Take a Road Trip

When people talk about road trips they often think about iconic routes thousands of miles away from their own home – but what about undiscovered places in your own backyard? The chances are that you drive in your home area so often that you do not pay much attention to its byways and what there is to see. One easy weekend getaway which requires almost no planning is a road trip from your own home. Choose a place a day’s drive away that you have never visited before. Take out your road atlas and map a route there along roads you haven’t taken before. Map a different route home, again along roads which you haven’t used before. You can book a place to stay in your destination, stop for lunch on the way, and force yourself to make two or three other stops on the journey wherever takes your fancy.

Hire A Boat

You might feel that you are a landlubber – but a couple of days in a boat will make you reassess that. A boat is perfect for a getaway because it is self-contained. You don’t need to find accommodation as you can sleep on the boat, and you have the choice of eating on the boat too if you want. Being on the sea or other water is relaxing, invigorating and helps you work as a team away from the pressures of everyday life on land. It’s easy for people who live close to a coast, but even if you are far away, boat hire may be available closer than you realise, on a lake, river or canal.

Do a House Swap

A getaway doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact it can almost be free. Imagine swapping your home with someone else’s for a few days. You might need to tidy up a bit first, but even that is good as you’ll also benefit from it afterwards. Then you can swap homes for a couple of days, whether in your own town or city or another one. That will give you a taste of somewhere else and a break from your own life. You can swap homes with a friend, or arrange through a specialist website. Getaways are great. You come back with a new burst of energy, more relaxed and having spent quality time with your other half. Even if you are short on time and money you can still have a great getaway. Our five suggestions above are a perfect place to start. Why not check your calendar today and see when you could go?