Be Your Own Boss: Low-Cost Businesses/Jobs You Can Start Today

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Most people have dreamt of being their own boss - but starting your own business does not just require a good idea, it also usually takes capital and time. Thankfully, though, that is not always the case. There are some proven business ideas you can launch on a shoestring, straight away. That might sound too good to be true, but in fact you’ll still be working hard. It is just that you do not need a large amount of startup capital and time to hit the ground running. We’ve looked around at what works in the marketplace. Based on what we have discovered, here we share with you five low cost business ideas you can start today.

Event Planning

If you have ever thrown a party and people said how good it went, then you have the essential skills it takes to start up an event planning business. Event planners do exactly what it sounds like. From parties to exhibitions, sales launches to boat regattas, they coordinate the people, the place and the activities to make a gathering go off well. To succeed, event planners need a range of skills. They should be highly social and have a well developed network. They need to be able to work hard, often at the last minute and against a shifting brief. They also need to have some vision around how to throw an event which will be memorable and cost effective, so that the client feels that the event was money well spent. If you have those skills, event planning is a business you could start almost immediately. In the beginning, all you need is yourself, your contacts book and your phone, so it is easy to start up. The first thing to do would be to chat to some bars you know or business owners with whom you have some connection about what sort of events they are thinking of running, and seeing whether you might be able to help them.


For a lot of people, blogging is a rewarding hobby – but for some, it is a lucrative business. Blogs exist in almost every area of human endeavour. Some are fun, some are serious, some share the latest news, while others provide deeper analysis and context. In doing so, the successful blogs typically draw in a loyal audience of well-defined readers and followers who pay close attention to what the blog says. That can be monetised through a variety of means. Click through advertising is a common source of income for blog owners. Others include affiliate marketing with a site like Amazon, subscriptions and selling branded goods like electronic books. A blog is almost free to start and can be up and running in minutes. Initially you only need to pay for hosting – and some dedicated sited like Blogger will even give you that for free. Initially, most blog businesses rely on their founder for all of their content. Most blogs never make it to the big time. But if you can define your target audience clearly, blog regularly and have an interesting tone of voice which creates interest, you could turn blogging in a highly profitable business.

Home Delivery

There are a whole bunch of people in most neighbourhoods who would gladly pay someone to deliver items to their homes – if only an entrepreneur would offer the service! All sorts of things which are not delivered currently add time and inconvenience to people’s schedules, whether because they are busy working or housebound and cannot collect them. From dry cleaning to pharmacy drugs, groceries to important documents, if they could have a trusted person in their neighbourhood deliver them they would be willing to stump up for the service. You can start your own delivery business at no cost, today. One additional benefit in running a delivery business is that it will alert you to other gaps in the local market, from landscaping to car maintenance.

Ebay seller

A lot of people have things they think would raise money if sold online, but can’t be bothered to list the items themselves. That creates an ideal business opportunity for anyone with a camera and some patience. In return for a cut of the profit, you can list and manage the auctions on behalf of your neighbours, and other customers as your reputation spreads. Shops which do this charge around a third of the sale price in commission, so there is definitely money to be made with this idea.

Toilet Rental

The old saying goes where there’s much there’s money. Portable toilets are rented out for festivals, building sites, weddings and all sorts of other events. The price is often high and the business is highly fragmented. If you want a piece of the action, it can be as easy as investing in a handful of portabkle toilets and bidding for business at local events. Prices are often high and at peak seasons demand can outstrip supply, so in a matter of weeks you may have an unglamorous but money spinning business on your hands. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business but worried about lack of funds or having to spend years starting it, you’re in luck. Today more than ever there are many low-cost business ideas you can start immediately. We’ve shared five proven ones: which sounds most appealing?