Fly Business Class For The Price Of Coach

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A lot of us would love to fly business class but only have the budget for coach – what if we could get business class on a coach budget? Business class beats coach in all sorts of ways. The seat is  more comfortable, the cabin is less busy and you will often have gourmet food and drinks at no additional costs. The benefits don’t stop there, though. Tickets also tend to be more flexible, you may be able to use a lounge in the airport before your flight and you can often accrue more frequent flyer miles for the same flight. But usually travelling business class will cost a lot more than travelling in coach. Happily that is not always the case. Here we will share with you some tips for flying in business class without paying through the nose.

Be Flexible When You Fly

Business class seats are in hot demand when business people fly but at other times they are often empty – and cheap! If you can time your flights for off peak periods, such as mid week or the middle of the day, you may well find that you can travel in a quiet  business class cabin for the same price that you might otherwise expect to pay in coach. The same goes for time of the year, especially if you are flying to a seasonal resort or somewhere which has peak and off-peak times for visitor numbers.

Buy a Cheap Ticket and Upgrade

A lot of airlines see empty seats as lost revenue, which is why they let passengers pay to upgrade. Some airlines offer schemes where you can bid for an upgrade and if there is enough availability, you will be able to travel in the business class cabin even though you bought a coach ticket. The price varies but often the minimum bid is fairly low. If there is enough availability, airlines will often accept the minimum bid as they would rather get some extra money for their otherwise empty business class seats than none. That means that you can buy a dirt cheap coach class fare and in some cases, end up in business class, for the same total price that many other passengers are paying for coach.

Buy Airline Miles

People know that you can earn airline miles when you fly but not many know that you can also buy airline miles. Some airlines, such as Alaska and Avianca, often sell deeply discounted miles. You can use them to redeem flights on partner airlines as well as on their own flights. One of the downsides of using miles compared to buying cash fares is that the availability can be restricted. However, if you have some flexibility with your schedule, this can be a good option to consider. You’ll often find that the cost of the miles for a business class seat is the same or even less than if you had bought a seat in coach class.

Take an Indirect Route

Airlines often charge a premium for direct flights – which is good news if you have time to fly a less direct route. They figure that time-pressed business passengers want the most direct route possible, without the perceived hassle of having to change planes during their journey. That is why they charge a premium price when you go straight from A to B. But other airlines which have an intermediate stop will often compete on price. So, if you are willing to go a more roundabout route, you may score a business class ticket for the price you would pay directly in coach. Price is not the only good thing about this, either. An indirect flight will give you longer to enjoy the business class service. In some cases, you may also have the opportunity to schedule a stopover in the connecting city, meaning you can visit two places in business class, for the price of one in coach.

Look Into Different Airlines

Business class prices vary a lot, depending on the airline. Maybe you are used to travelling with a particular airline. That might be your favourite, or the most convenient one from where you live. But a lot of legacy airlines don’t offer great deals in business class. By contrast, newer carriers who are keen to attract flyers often have prices on business class which are not only great value, they can be the same or even lower than the economy class prices on their long established competitors. That is how Virgin America, JetBlue and a host of others have built up a loyal fanbase. It is worth looking into the full range of carriers rather than just pricing up options on your normal airline. Even if you do not know how best to start, a good travel agent can point you in the right direction. Business class travel is comfortable and relaxing compared to coach. Usually that is reflected in its much higher ticket price, but if you follow a few simple tips you may be able to fly at business class without paying more than you would for a ticket in coach. We’ve told you how: you can now see whether you can score a cheap business class ticket on your next planned trip.