Fraternity, Sorority Hazing Gone Wrong at Colleges

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Colleges are well known for their Greek societies and their parties, rituals, and hazing. It is popular among the societies to hold enormous parties that focus on drinking as much as humanly possible without dying. Some make the cut, but some do not, and that is where the fun ends. Kids are dying at colleges. They are losing their lives because of the American culture. Kids that are not even old enough to drink are given a house that holds groups together, and they are then given the power to do whatever they want. Not only that, they are encouraged to do the most extreme things based on the culture and peer pressure. Alcohol is often the culprit associated with hazing and other stupid acts. Initiation is a huge part of a Greek society. Do not lose sight of the fact that this is a good thing. These societies are built upon the idea of having a group to help one another through college and making close friends for the rest of their lives. That is a great thing when you think about it. But, these societies are given power over other human beings. As a result, things can go terribly wrong. Here’s some recent stories and examples of hazing tragedies.

LSU Hazing Gone Wrong

A first-year student at Louisiana State University (LSU) was being initiated one night at Phi Delta Theta house. He was an 18-year-old kid who wanted to be a part of a large fraternity. Him and some others were being hazed, being forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol and take drugs. This young man died with a very high blood alcohol content and drugs found in his system, according to the autopsy. This happened at a fraternity that has nationwide no-drinking policies, as well as anti-hazing policies. These rules are not enforced though. Chapters around the country are suspended that break the rules, but only when they end up in the headlines. The fraternity takes no action to actively combat its chapters breaking rules. The lawyer for the family of the young man gave an explanation as to why these Greek societies have fallen so far. He said, roughly, that kids have no business running houses. If the idea were compared, putting young, drunk kids in charge of security at the airport would let a whole lot of terrorists into the country. And, that could not be truer. Also, not only did this student lose his life, but other students may lose their freedom, as arrest warrants were issued for 10 of the fraternity members who played a role in his death.

Deadly Hazing at Penn State

This story is horribly tragic. A young man was being initiated into the Beta Theta Pi house on campus one night. Like all the others, he had far too much alcohol in his system. During his pledge hazing, he fell down the stairs in the house. However, what makes this most disturbing, is that while he was so intoxicated, he fell down the stairs repeatedly throughout the night. His repeated falls resulted in an irreversible spleen and brain stem damage that ultimately took his life. The members of the house actually carried the young man up the stairs several times to get him to "run the gauntlet" again. That was their hazing ritual. Throughout the night and well into the next morning, the young man had suffered damage to his body that would eventually take his life. The members of the house slapped him and poured alcohol on his face to attempt to wake him up. The next morning, he was found in the basement, at the bottom of the stairs, breathing heavily, bloody, and bruised, and cold to the touch. No members called for help for the young man until 10:38a.m. By that time, there was no chance of survival, and he died at the hospital. The president of the chapter was charged 200 crimes for that night. Other members of the house were charged of many other crimes, as well. This is what happens when kids get together with alcohol and are given the power to do whatever they want.

Asian-American Death at Fraternity

An intelligent, young man joined a frat in Pennsylvania, hoping to group with like-minded students and to elevate his Asian-American status. The frat recruited these types of people through scare tactics. They taught the pledges about oppression of Asian-Americans in the past, so that they could fight against it, and end the invisible crimes against them. During the young man's pledge period, the frat held a "gauntlet," which is similar to so many other Greek societies that incorporate this into their initiation. During this ritual, he was blindfolded and ordered to go toward the voice of his mentor. The other members made a wall in front of the pledge. He was ordered to break through the wall, but was always met with resistance. They pushed back, pushed him to the ground, and hit the young man. Eventually, it turned tragic when three members tackled the young man. The third hit knocked him unconscious, for which he would not wake up. That hit made the him fall into a coma. Like other incidents, the members of the house did not call for help right away. They took hours, hid evidence, and tried to sweep the incident under the rug. They were all convicted of murder. These problems are becoming more prevalent in America. Even with universities taking hard lines on what is acceptable and what is not. Most dorms nowadays require a live-in manager that oversees that behavior of the students. Perhaps this is the answer that all Greek societies need. Something needs to be done to save lives of students. Were you ever a frat or sorority member? Did you haze pledges?