Google, Bing, Yahoo!: Search Engine Options

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Search engines are abundant nowadays. There are some seriously popular ones, there are some old ones, and there are some reliable ones. Think about which one you use. What does it do for you? Does it answer questions? Does it give you reliable search results? Is it easy to use? Most people do not give the time of day to any search engine, and just go to Google. If you find that you use the same search engine often, which most people do, then you may want to look at it more closely and consider your other options. The results may surprise you, and you could find yourself switching to a different search engine.

Just Google it

Google has been the leading search engine for a while now. Google has its hand in just about everything that deals with technology. The company blew up in the last decade and continues to grow and invent new things. Its search engine is very reliable and fast. It is also convenient. You can put the Google search engine on your PC, Mac, or Linux. It is also very handy with any type of cell phone, especially Android ones. Google powers the Android OS and has many apps and features that are included with Android smart phones. The Android OS offers outstanding features and simplicity. It can do more, it costs less, and anyone can use it. There are similarities and differences between the search engines people should be aware of. For example, search for "top news stories in America." Using Google Chrome, the first thing that came up was a link for NBC news. The link was defined as a search done earlier in the day about hazing in colleges. This is interesting because it did not give the top news stories, it only took my past browsing history and applied it to popular news outlets. The second choice was ABC news. This link was just a general description of the news network, prompting the user to follow the network. The third was CNN, which was also a general link to its Website.

Results with Bing

The Bing search engine is another popular option. It is featured on Windows Office products, like Microsoft Word. When you search for something in those products, it takes you to Bing. It is a fast, reliable engine that does what it says it does. Searching for "top news stories in America" on Bing came up with some interesting results. ABC news was the top link that came with a description of its Website and the news it covers. Following ABC was CNN, also with a general description of what it covers. Next was NBC, with the same general description. Bing did not use past browser history to obtain results. It was straight forward and to the point. With Google, results used from past history had to be sifted through, which resulted in wasted time. Bing gave lightning fast results and even gave a link below NBC to Bing's own news Website.

Used to Use Yahoo!

Yahoo! is a search engine that has been around since consumer computers were made. For most people, it was their go-to search engine and go-to Website for email. Recently, this company has been falling since it was hacked multiple times, resulting in millions of email users having their information stolen. Quite a few people jumped ship recently, but as a search engine, it works just as well as the others. Whether you give Yahoo! your information or not is solely on you, and you should be wearied to do so. The results of our common search indicate that it gave the same results as Bing. In comparison, every search engine does relatively the same thing for you. It searches high and low for what you want. Remember that the Internet is a vast place. Searching for something may require more than looking at the top 3 results that a search engine gives you. The answer to your query may be the very last listing on page 143. This is rare and honestly doubtful, but it does happen. Do your research with the company you want to trust with being your search engine. Creating a Google account results in a more personalized search process, but it can be a bit annoying at times. Bing is a great engine with a straight forward approach to finding what people need. It also has not been hacked. That is a pretty big deal. Choose wisely. Which search engine do you prefer and why?