How To Blend In At A Quick Pay Coffee Shop

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Quick pay coffee shops are the thing of the moment – but how can you make sure that the people in the line behind you won’t single you out for complaint? Coffee shops are increasingly moving to a “quick pay” system. Instead of customers having to fumble around in their pockets for change while a lengthening line grows behind them with people looking anxiously at their watches, quick pay offers a simple and fast payment process. It may be a touch of a card on a reader, a payment by phone, or even simply a pre-order and payment by app which allows you simply to stop in and pick up your drink when it’s already waiting for you. Whatever the quick pay method used in your local coffee shop, here we share some pro tips for how to fit right  in.

It’s Easiest to Have A Favourite Coffee Shop

Quick pay works differently at different coffee shops. What that means is that, for any one coffee store or chain, you will need to spend some time on your first visit figuring out the process and maybe also downloading and setting up their app, for example. That’s not a huge deal, but it does mean that each time you stop by a new place, you’ll take a bit longer and people might tut waiting on you. The easiest solution to this is to figure out your go to store or chain, master their quick pay system, and the more you frequent it, not have to worry about how it works.

Know What You Want before you Arrive

We’ve all seen it: the person at the head of the line staring  at a menu board for what seems like an age, oblivious to the disruption they are causing to all the people waiting for them to make their decision. From the others in the line, to the staff, to people who can’t easily pass by the line to the door, being the snafu customer in a coffee shop makes you an inconvenience to everyone. Quick pay lets you bypass that, but it’s not just about how you pay: it is also about what you are paying for. To make as fast an order as possible when you are at the head of the line, you need to know exactly what you want rather than taking crucial seconds weighing the options. That’s true even if it’s a card quick pay, but it’s especially true for a loyalty card or app system which may well save your favourite beverage or top selections. In those cases, deviating from the norm takes precious time and can cause a delay. Make sure that’s taken care of before you’re at the head of the queue and the barista is asking you to place your order.

Make Sure Your Payment will Work!

Quick pay sounds easy and it should be easy – but the payment still relies on money. Normally quick pay will be linked to a payment method you register. For example, your account may automatically link to your credit card, an in-app payment method or some other source of money. If the account you’re linking to runs empty one morning, the quick payment might be rejected. As you hear that potentially embarrassing beep of rejection from the usually friendly machine, the barista will look you over, there may be tutting from the line before and you’ll have that twinge of concern we all feel when we suddenly remember that we emptied our account out already and didn’t top it up again. That’s easy to avoid – just keep an eye on your balance ahead of time and be sure to avoid that beep of rejection! Coffee shops are part of our daily lives and usually represent an indulgent moment of relaxation for us. Quick pay coffee shops take that to the next level by making the payment process more seamless than ever. To get the most from that, and blend right into this environment, just follow the simple steps above. Why not ask your favourite coffee shop about quick payment on your next visit?