How to Find Cheap Flights To Dubai

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A few years ago hardly anyone travelled to Dubai but more recently it has become all the rage. The fast expanding emirate has a host of attractions including the world’s tallest building by far, some famous luxury hotels and legendary middle Eastern hospitality. It also has a modern, huge airport. The local airline Emirates has been expanding at a fast clip and now offers service to a large range of destinations worldwide. Often it uses the world’s highest capacity airliner, the double decker super jumbo Airbus 380. Emirates has more A380s than all other airlines combined. Dubai can be great for a visit, but like a lot of places which are popular, it is not always cheap to get there. We’ve spoken to our contacts who work in the travel industry and asked them for advice on how to score cheap flights to Dubai. We’ve summarised what they came up with and share the inside secrets with you below.

Check Prices From as Early as Possible

There’s no hard and fast rule about airine prices but in genera, the earlier you start looking the more likely you are to find cheap flights. So, as soon as you know that you are planning a trip to Dubai, you should start asking travel agents and scanning flight prices. Airlines basically allocate a certain number of seats in a given class to a fare “bucket”. Once those are sold, they then start selling seats from the next fare bucket up – and so on. So, the earlier you look into tickets, the more likely it is that you will still be able to secure flight tickets from the cheapest fare buckets.

Start from a Cheap Airport

Emirates offers so many starting points that you likely have more than one within reach – but some might be much cheaper than others. Look into prices not only from your local airport, but also from any others which are relatively close and to which you would be willing to travel to start your journey. You may find that by driving for a few hours you can actually save hundreds of dollars.

Look into Indirect Flights

Because Dubai is a major aviation hub, it is often easy to get a direct flight there – but that does not mean that it will be cheap. In fact, as with many destinations, it will often be cheaper to take an indirect routing. That is because airlines are competing with each other and those which serve Dubai via less convenient routes are more likely to lower their price to make themselves more attractive. You’re much more likely to get a cheap ticket to Dubai if you route through one or more other cities. In addition that will give you the chance to enjoy a stopover, so not only will you save money on flying to Dubai you may well be able to enjoy another city on the same trip at little or no extra cost.

Take Emirates Beyond Dubai

The same logic about stopovers applies to Emirates, as long as you fly beyond Dubai. In other words, Emirates offers direct flights to Dubai but they may not be cheap. It typically offers cheaper flights to other destinations – but in both directions it will route you through its hub, Dubai. So, if you find out which is the cheapest destination, you can book a ticket there and then have a stopover in Dubai on the return leg of the ticket. That way, not only will you get the cheapest price to Dubai, you also will have the chance to visit somewhere else if you would like to do that. Emirates is the main airline headquartered in Dubai but there are other ones like flyDubai, so you may want to look into all the options.

Consider a Low Cost Carrier

Low cost carriers like Southwest and Ryanair exist all over – even  in Dubai. The emirate has its own local version, flyDubai. Their route network is regional rather than global, so whether you can score a cheap flight with a low cost carrier will depend on where in the world your journey is originating. If you have time to investigate, it may sometimes work out cheaper to fly to another place from where you can pick up a low cost carrier onwards to Dubai like flyDubai; that will depend on your schedule.

Fly in Quieter Months

You can find cheap flights to Dubai if you are able to time your trip to coincide with the quieter travel times there. The first of two cheap times to fly is in July and August. That is because at that time of year the heat in Dubai is so searing that many visitors avoid it. It is an uncomfortably hot time of year, but that does make for cheaper flights. Secondly, travel tends to be cheaper during the Islamic holy festival of Ramadan, whose exact dates vary by year. As Muslim travel through Dubai is lower then, flights tend to be cheaper. Dubai may be far away but that does not mean that it must be expensive to get there. In fact, it is possible to get cheap flights to Dubai as long as you know how. We have shared with you the top advice from travel experts who regularly book clients to Dubai. Why not price a flight today?