How to Find an Experienced Eye Doctor For You

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If you’ve reached the point where you have decided that you need an eye doctor your next question may well be how to find the right one. Your eyes are both important and extremely sensitive. That is why a specialist branch of medicine has emerged over the centuries to help people take care of them. But if you have not previously had much experience of eye doctors, selecting one can be a confusing task. Lots of different eye doctors claim competence or expertise, but how do you know who is right for you? Below you’ll learn in a few simple steps how you can quickly and satisfactorily find an eye doctor who is the best for you.

Ask Your Doctor

The best place to start in looking for an eye doctor is simple – ask your own doctor. Your doctor understands not only your medical history, but also the style of patient you are. That means that he is in a good position to point you in the direction of an eye doctor who combines the right ophthalmic expertise for you with a bedside manner you would find comfortable. Some people are concerned that doctors will point them to an eye doctor who rewards them for referrals rather than necessarily being the best eye doctor for the job. A lot of doctors have more integrity than this. But in any case, asking your doctor for a recommendation does not bind you in any way. It is simply a smart way to begin understanding your options.

Ask Around

Your doctor isn’t the only person in your community who has a point of view on who is the best eye doctor. Many of your friends, coworkers and family members will have dealt with eye doctors. If you ask them about their experiences you will probably open up a world of experience. When you listen to their answers, listen out for a few things. First, if there is a name which you hear repeatedly, that probably deserves a close look. Secondly, if someone raves about their experience, that also can carry weight. Finally, a recommendation from someone who has used the same eye doctor for many years should typically carry more weight than a recommendation from someone who has only recently started consultation or treatment.

The Closer the Better

That eye doctor on your street might be the easiest place to start – and also one of the best. Because expertise can be rare, many people believe that medical expertise is hard to come by. They think that if you want a top notch medical professional you need to travel to a famous hospital in a major city. There is some truth in the idea that leading hospitals attract top staff. But the thing you need to ask yourself is how far you are practically willing and able to travel to see an eye doctor. If you have to travel hundreds of miles or even just a couple of hours, you’re likely to visit much less frequently. You’ll also be less likely to stop by just for something simple, such as when you have a minor irritation which you think is nothing but are unsure. Having an eye doctor just minutes away from where you live or work will likely lead to more frequent consultation and the eye doctor understanding your needs as a patient better. In this case, local can be best.

Inquire About Professional Accreditation

You’re not the only person to assess different eye doctors – and luckily, some of the other people doing the assessment have all the information and analytical tools imaginable. That is because, like other medical professionals, eye doctors are certified and accredited by professional bodies. Some will also have additional specialist qualifications pertaining to their expertise in eyes. The doctors’ practices may directly advertise such accreditation, or you may look to the accreditation body for a list of its members or recommended eye doctors. This sort of stamp of approval is a simple way to lean on someone’s assessment apart from your own about the relative merits of different eye doctors.

Look for Specialisation

If your eye condition is specialised, it also makes sense for you to look for a specialist to help you resolve it. A specialist can be helpful because they will have deeper experience in a particular procedure, so in theory should be more skilled at it. If your doctor has diagnosed that you have a specialised problem with  your eyes, then it may be that you want to look into different eye doctors’ degree of expertise and specialisation in that field. It can feel a bit intimidating to learn that your eyes have medical problems and then to try to find the right eye doctor when you’ve never dealt with one before. Finding the right eye doctor will make a big difference to your eye health and improve your life, so it’s important to get one who can help you the way you need. It need not be troublesome to search – just follow our approach above and you should be able to find the best eye doctor for you within days. Why not start by phoning around a few friends you know have seen eye doctors today?