How to Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

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Sometimes, there isn't much you can do to prepare for what is the craziest shopping day of the year. Sometimes, you can prepare all you want, but you still fight crazy people for a slow cooker that is on sale. Well, at least that is how it used to be. It has become much safer. To put that danger into context, people have been trampled while shopping. Yeah, that is how wild it can get. People get so intense about getting awesome products for a lot less money than what it is regularly priced. They wait all year for a certain thing they want, then it is advertised in their favorite store, and it is 80 percent off. Yep, that is the perfect recipe for disaster. Plenty of other people want that same thing. So, on this day, the most glorious day of shopping, people tend to take it a bit too far. There are some things you can do to prepare yourself. You should know where you are going, what you are getting, and when you are getting there.

What Do I Buy?

Well, it is quite obvious, but you should buy anything you desire. However, there are certain product niches that you should look into more carefully. Black Friday is all about electronics, toys, and household items. Most companies focus on the things that have been sitting on the shelf far too long. They also focus on things that are too expensive for a large amount of people. They can expand their customer base by significantly reducing the price tag. Things that you buy most often are the best items to buy. Toilet paper, paper towels, or food that you buy often can be very good choices when shopping on Black Friday. You save more money because you buy the items often, so the reduction in price is then multiplied more, if you were to chart your expenses. But, if you are cool with the price at the store, and you want a gigantic TV with surround sound, well, Black Friday supports you, too. If you have your eye on just one item, you won't take full advantage of the other deals during this day. Clothes are another great thing to buy. If you just wear jeans and Rural King has them on sale, you should probably get a few pairs at least, so you are good for the rest of the year. It is the most practical way to engage Black Friday.

When Do I Get to My Favorite Store?

If you want to be extreme, like some people are, camp out for days in some places. Prominent shopping locations have some serious shoppers with some serious determination. New York experiences consumers who camp out for a few days before a Black Friday sale starts, so they are the first ones in the door. They can rush to what they want. However, the other 98 percent of the companies across the United States are far more casual about their sales. The implementation of security at stores and Cyber Monday have taken the tension out of the biggest shopping day of the year. So, it depends on where you are. If you are going to camp out, you need support, like someone to get you food, hold your place in line, a tent, and other essentials. But if you are the more casual shopper, you can get your spot in line anywhere from 5-6 hours early, to just an hour or two early. Larger companies, like the big box stores, have longer lines. Take a drive over to your store with whatever essentials you need, and determine when is the best time to get in line, so you don’t miss out on what you want to buy. Also, take note that several companies will no longer be open on Thanksgiving to start Black Friday deals.

How Much Money Should I Bring?

Once you are in the store, you are at the point of no return. You may leave that store with far more than you intended. No company can advertise every item in their Black Friday sales. The item you want might not even be in the company flyers or other media. A lot of people only bring a certain amount of cash, so they don't bankrupt themselves during this day. That is certainly a smart idea. However, it limits your chances of getting the best deals on things you need or want. The best strategy for Black Friday is to manage a separate fund for it during the year. Put your spare change in a jar, set up a separate bank account, or just set aside so much each month. That way, you have a budget, but you won't be limited on what you can by so much. You can then prepare more accurately your location and items you intend to purchase. There is quite the hype that encompasses Black Friday. It isn't what you see on the Internet. Those videos depict people getting trampled, people breaking doors down, and people fighting over items in the store. That rarely happens anymore. At least we hope so. Do you plan to venture out on Black Friday? If yes, where and what do you plan to buy?