How to Win with Search Engines and Queries

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Do you advertise on the Internet? You want your posts and content to be among the first that is seen by visitors, right? Right. Well, it can be a tricky thing to get done. There are some things that people must do for their Internet content to be easily searchable on the Web. For example, when people search for something very common like, "used cars for sale," you can imagine the number of pages of results that come up. It is a ridiculous amount of links, news, pages, images, documents, and other content that pops up in front of you. It is completely overwhelming. Honestly, it makes things worse. Here is a tip: When you enter a query into a search engine, try and be as specific as possible, as that significantly increases your chances of finding what you are looking for. It is especially important for the advertiser or author of the Web content to take necessary steps to make it easy for people to find their stuff on the Internet.

Get to the Top of the List

It is just like a phonebook. People used to name their companies AAA Towing or AA construction, just because the phonebook was organized alphabetically. Phonebooks are not nearly as popular as they used to be, so what matters now is how people find your business on the Internet. Your company starts with the letter M, so that does not really help you, even if you were in the phonebook. So, what do you do? You use keyword optimization, search engine optimization, and popularity to get people to find you. What search engines do is search for the same words typed in the query for the most relevant material. If you type, "roofing companies in Newark, NJ," it finds those words throughout the Internet and puts together results for you. You should then have a list of all roofing companies in Newark, N.J. that have content on the Internet. How do keywords fit in? Well, most people search for a specific type of work or other less-general query. If your content has what people search for, your Website shows up more toward the top of the listed results. So, if someone searches for "cheap roofing companies in Newark, NJ" and you have a column about your services being cheap, then your Website shows up first or very near the top. You can also use keywords about specific services to optimize your chances at being at the top of a search. Popularity also can play a factor. A Facebook page that has millions of friends and a huge following is more likely to pop up at the top because of its activity. For instance, if you search for a famous singer's latest album, you may find that their Facebook page shows up first. That is because they have used keywords in their content that directs people to that page. Think of it like having signs in a shop. One department has appliances, one department has clothes, and the other has jewelry. You go in searching for socks. You see a sign that takes you to the clothing department, but that does not take you directly to the socks. You search further. You see a sign that says pajamas, socks, and underwear. So, you get there, but it just is not specific enough. You must dig deeper. You find a rack that advertises men's socks. You get to the rack, and then you still have choices to make. Do you want ankle socks, comfort fit, black or white socks? The list can continue for a while before you find exactly what you are looking for. The Internet follows the same concept.

What Else Can I Do?

Paid advertising is another way to go. Search engines must make money somehow. You can pay to advertise your link, and it shows up at the top of the search results. This is a great way, if you have the budget, to get yourself out there without jumping through the rest of the hoops that lead you to search engine optimization, or SEO. Another way to get to the top is to structure your Website, articles, and other content in a specific manner. There are too many rules to list, so search through the Internet for the best ways to format your content. The structure matters because search engines only "read" certain parts of a site. A search engine does not come up with results in less than a second by reading every single word on every Website. That is way too much data to search through. It does, however, search through keywords and phrases that match a search query. Use these tools and tips to take your content to the top. Get some followers, subscribers, or friends. Get customers and colleagues. These methods are a sure way to ensure that your base sees that you are part of the game. It is like having your picture next to the word that you want to describe you. When you search for "awesome," your picture should be next to it. Which methods are you going to try to move your Internet content to the top of listed search results?