How You Can Charter A Private Aircraft For The Price Of An Air Ticket

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Private jets were always the exclusive preserve of the wealthy – but what few people know is that nowadays you don’t need to be super rich to enjoy the perks of flying private. If you’ve ever waited in a long line at an airport, felt cramped on a plane with hundreds of other passengers, or wished the plane would drop you as close to your house as possible, then you have understood the appeal of private jets. What was always less appealing was the price tag. Private jets have been the preserve of the wealthy because of their astronomical running costs. But while private jets still cost a lot to run, that doesn’t mean that they cost a lot to hire. In fact, in recent  years there has been a transformation in the private jet marketplace which means that it’s now possible to charter private aircraft cheaper than ever. Sometimes the cost will actually be the same as if you were buying a ticket for a normal flight. Let us give you the inside track direct from the travel trade on how to charter a private aircraft for a fraction of its normal cost – the price of an air ticket.

Why Charters Can Be Cheap

You may be wondering, why would a private jet that is so expensive to run be so cheap to hire? The answer is simple. Like your car, there are a lot of costs involved with a private aircraft whether it is in use or not. It still needs to be maintained, insured and have a hangar. So, if the plane is sitting unused, the bills are piling up for the owner. But, if it’s not used, at least the fuel and pilot costs will be lower. Sometimes, though, the aircraft will fly somewhere but need to fly home empty. Or, it will fly empty to a location to position for an upcoming flight. In those situations, the costs are the same as when it is normal operation – but it isn’t in use for its owner. So, smart owners figure that at least if they can make some revenue from those times, they can offset the costs even if they can’t totally meet them. That is why you have the chance to charter a plane for cheap. You might not be paying the owners what they would ideally like, but they know that some money is better than none – which is why you can score such a great deal.

Sign Up for Charter Agencies

These otherwise unused flight segments are put up for sale by brokers who act as intermediaries between the aircraft operator and passengers like yourself. To get wind of the deals, you first need to be in touch with these charter agencies. Just as you wouldn’t want someone riding your car without knowing a bit about them, the aircraft operators don’t want to hire out their multimillion dollar planes to just anyone. So, the charter agencies will want to learn a bit about you and may also ask for a deposit or membership fee as a signal of your seriousness. Once you are on their books, you will be able to see all of the empty legs that the agency has available, and the price. As there are several leading agencies offering different legs, it makes sense to join several.

Flexibility is Key

Some empty legs are offered well in advance, but most are only available at the last minute. That means that to snag a cheap charter, you need to be prepared to travel at short notice. It will be rare for flights to come up which exactly match your intended itinerary, so you also need to be flexible when it comes to exactly where you travel. But for the sake of flying in the style of a private jet rather than on a crowded commercial airliner, an airport one or even two hundred miles away from where your ultimate destination was doesn’t seem like too much of an inconvenience. Private charters often use small airports which are reserved for private aircraft, so it may also take you a bit of time to come up to speed in understanding where exactly the destination airports are.

It’s Cheaper in Groups

Charters are sold based on the price of the whole plane not by seat, so the larger your group, the lower the cost will be. That means that you can get better value if you pull together a large group, whether it’s family, colleagues or friends. Some agencies will do this part for you by offering you seats on someone else’s charter. Another benefit of travelling in a group is that it will affordably give you the chance to experience higher capacity business jets which typically also have a longer range and can make non-stop intercontinental journeys. There’s nothing like flying on a private aircraft. It doesn’t just feel glamorous, it’s comfortable and more convenient. For decades they have been the preferred toy of the rich elite. Today’s financial environment has opened them up to ordinary paying passengers and the good news is that the payment does not need to be that high! Chartering a private aircraft for the price of an air ticket could make your next trip the trip of a lifetime. Where will you go?