Secrets To Getting the Lowest Priced Flight Tickets

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We all know the annoying feeling of overpaying for flight tickets – what if you could put that feeling behind you for ever? There is no doubt that air travel pricing is more complicated than ever. While some great deals are advertised, when you actually need to book a ticket it can seem as if the options suddenly thin out and dramatically reprice. But the good news is that actually there are more low priced flight tickets available now than ever before. You just need to know how to get them. Here we share with you seven inside secrets on getting the lowest price flight tickets.  

  • Start from Neglected Cities

  Some cities are a lot more popular than others – and it can show in their airfares. If you search for flights from a popular hub like New York City or London, you might expect that the sheer amount of competition would drive down prices. In practice, however, the opposite is often true. Airlines often have cartel like pricing which means that the millions of flyers who are captive to a large airport like those cities pay higher fares. Meanwhile, secondary cities can often have much lower fares. This is only true of some secondary city but this inside trick tends to be good for years before it dries up. Check out websites like Flyertalk to find out where the current cheap cities are closest to you.  
  • Fly Midweek

  Academic researchers have done large scale studies on when is the cheapest time to travel – and the result is, get lower fares by travelling midweek. A lot of business travellers are heading out and back at the start and end of the working week. Meanwhile, weekend demand is supported by leisure travellers making the most of their two days a week away from the working grind. That means that in the middle of the week there are thousands of seats flying empty which airlines will reduce in price in an attempt to get the most revenue from their fixed flight schedule.  
  • Mix It Up

  People trying to do their own flight bookings often miss one of the biggest inside tricks to getting the lowest priced flights, which is to mix and match. Just because you fly out on one carrier doesn’t mean that you need to return with the same carrier. In fact it will often be cheaper to piece together the lowest priced segments of an itinerary taking advantage of the differential in the carriers’ pricing. The same is true to classes. Coach is usually cheaper than business – but not always. Sometimes, adding in one or more segments in a higher travel class can actually reduce the overall ticket fare dramatically, as well as offering you a more comfortable ride. Another mix you can look into is flying into and out of different airports. Even different airports serving the same city or area can swing widely in price from one flight to another.  
  • Be Open to Stops

  A lot of passengers pay more for the convenience of nonstop flights – which means that if you are willing and able to take an itinerary which involves stops you can make huge cuts in the price. This offers an additional benefit, which is that you may be able to stop over in the intermediate cities. So, not only will you have a low cost fare to one city, you may be able to enjoy a break at one or two other ones without spending an extra penny on airfare.  
  • Monitor the Price

  Airfare price is complex and contrary to much opinion, it doesn’t always get more expensive the closer you get to the date of travel. In fact, although it is true that in general fares rise in the months before travel, the specific details are dynamic and can change right up to the day of travel. Internet tools like Google Flights make it simpler than ever for you to monitor pricing on any given itinerary and even receive automated updates as soon as a change is detected. Keeping an eye on the price from as far out on the calendar as possible will give you the knowledge you need to decide when to swoop on the best likely price.  
  • Don’t Pay in Cash

  Cash is an expensive way to pay for tickets – what if you used the cash to buy airline miles with more spending power, or redeemed an airline voucher? Airlines don’t just give frequent flyer miles for travel. They also sell them, often at a deep discount. Buying miles and paying for your flights with them instead of cash may give you more restrictions on dates and availability, but it will usually be cheaper than paying with cash.  
  • Use a Travel Agent

  To get the lowest price on anything it can help to ask an expert – in this case, a travel agent. Travel agents have a role even in the Internet age. Effective ones know all the tricks and can access deals and bulk rates which may not be open to you otherwise. Air travel is more and more common but prices often seem to be unreasonably high. Smart travellers in the know can get the lowest price flight tickets by utilising the same simple secrets the pros use so effectively. Where will you go next?