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Serious Cyclists: What Brands and Products Do They Prefer?

It doesn’t matter what kind of cyclist you are. If you are serious about the sport, you have a favorite bike, a manufacturer of parts that you trust, a technician that you always go to, and a wish list.

High-quality bikes often reach well beyond many people’s budgets, and the sky is the limit when it comes to the types of customizations possible. But that doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune to get a top-performing bike. Simply go with a solid brand of bike and adding a few specialized parts (no pun intended).

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Top Brands

The top brands in cycling that everyone who knows anything is familiar with are in their place of superiority for good reasons. Most of these companies have experience in professional cycling, and they have very long track records in the industry that prove their expertise in the field. When it is pure performance that you are after, only the best brands can provide the type of trust that it required in high-intensity competition.

Among the many brands out there, you may be familiar with Giant, Cannondale, Specialized, Kona, Santa Cruz, and Marin. These have all been around for a long time, and they are each in tight competition with one another. If you are a serious cyclist, it is likely that you know just about everything there is to know about these brands and their lines of bikes. They each offer bikes for road racing, touring, downhill racing, and casual riding. They also all have lines that are dedicated to specialized corners of the market, such as kids bikes and bikes for city riding.

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Best Parts

Whether it is shifters, brakes, or anything else that you are looking for, only some of the thousands of parts available give you an edge over the competition.


When it comes to racing of all kinds, Shimano is a household name. Many of the world’s greatest cyclists stand by this company for the quality that it provides. Although the parts manufacturer makes many different parts that are all popular, the most common seen in competition are its shift levers.

The 105 is a great model and relatively easy to install without the help of a technician, if you understand how the mechanism is designed. If you are planning to put one of these game-changers on your build, it is a good idea to get a Shimano 105 shifters manual to help you with the installation process. If it seems like too much of a risk for you and your prized racing bike, pretty much any bike shop can install it for you.

Loaded Precision

Loaded Precision has it all. If you know racing, you know this parts manufacturer. Supplying everything that you can find on a bike, this company is a veritable one-stop-shop for all the performance parts that you could want. Many of its products are made with aluminum or carbon, and some of its materials have been patented. The focus of this company is to provide light, fast, and easily maintained parts that can fit well on every bike.

Cane Creek

Cane Creek is a leading name in the cycling industry for parts. Many riders swear by its components because they are built to last. One of their most notable parts currently is the Double Barrel Coil shock system for racing bikes of all kinds. The lightweight springs offer powerful stability that can take even the hardest abuse in the roughest terrains. No matter how heavy the rider, these shocks perform the same for everyone. The company produces many other parts as well, and if it is performance that you want, these are great options to consider.

Top-Rated Bikes

As with all types of high-performance sports, cycle racing has a few bikes that are regarded as the best of the best. These are not just a frame with a few fancy parts thrown onto them.

The best road racing bike that you can buy is probably the same one that is used by the once-Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong. The Trek Madone is tricked out with carbon in the frame and wheels, making it a very strong and lightweight bike that offers very little drag while on the road.

The Specialized Enduro is likely the best mountain bike available. It is built for distance, climbing, and shock resistance. The bike is also surprisingly lightweight. For a solid all-arounder, this is a perfect choice for what most serious mountain bikers would need. The Specialized Enduro is also built for comfort, making it a good option for touring, as well. Despite the rugged appearance, the ride is incredibly smooth.

From style to dependability to high-functioning and more, top products designed and manufactured by the best companies in the cycling industry help bring your ride to the next level. What kind of bike do you own? Considering an upgrade? Then consider the brands and products we suggested.

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