Small Luxury Cruises: So Hot Right Now

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If you thought luxury on the water meant joining a big cruise ship mobbed with thousands of other passengers, it is time to think again. One of the most noticeable trends in luxury travel in recent years has been the march upwards in popularity of small luxury cruises. From the rivers of old Europe to the hip getaway destinations of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, small cruisers offering the height of luxury have come dramatically into fashion. You might be wondering whether you should join the crowd to see what the buzz is about and try out a small luxury cruise for your next vacation. We’ve spoken to industry insiders and cruise veterans to get the lowdown on why small luxury cruises are hot right now, and share it with you here to help you as you make a decision about whether it is right for you.

Discover Unspoiled Charms

Larger cruise ships are limited to destinations developed enough and with deep enough water to accommodate them and their hordes of passengers. Smaller vessels are more nimble. Their diminutive size and smaller drawer in the water means that they can easily sneak their passengers into places which normally see no cruise visitors. Some of them are isolated on the waterfront and so are virtually untouched by locals or tourists alike. In the Norwegian fords, amongst small Caribbean boltholes and deep in the archipelagos of southeast Asia, smaller luxury cruises allow passengers to see an unspoiled world of attractions.

Meet Great People

Cruises have always been social and one thing many cruisegoers like about the holiday is the chance to mingle with other people. With megaliners coming into service, cruises have become less personal and the quality of people onboard is not exclusive as it once was. Small luxury cruises offer something different. The small number of people means that they have a feeling of being amongst friends from the beginning. In addition, as the cruises do not appeal to everyone and their price tags can be high, small luxury cruises tend to attract the sort of exclusive clientele which in days gone by would have travelled on a luxury cruise liner. The group will often include a range of interesting people who are curious about the world, spanning all ages. Getting to know your fellow passengers means that the best souvenir of many small luxury cruises is the friendship you form.

Fine Dining On An Individual Scale

Travel has become synonymous with canteen food prepared on an industrial scale, whether at a holiday resort or in a cruise liner serving thousands of covers per sitting. A small luxury cruise often has only dozens of people onboard, the same as the number of patrons in a medium sized restaurant. This allows the chef and team to prepare food to a fine dining level, with an attention to detail which would not be out of place in the restaurants of London or New York city. As well as the smaller scale giving scope for artisan food preparation of the highest order, small luxury cruises typically lack the food storage facilities found on larger ships. This gives passengers the benefit that the cooking team sources local fresh food regularly at the stops the ship makes. It’s easy to understand why small luxury cruises are hot when you sample their outstanding food, individually prepared for you with fine local ingredients.

Great Photos But Still Private

If your friend has been on a small luxury cruise and you see their social media accounts, you will doubtless have learnt all about it! A small luxury cruise could almost be invented for its perfect look on Instagram. Gleaming metal details, varnished wooden decking, colourful cocktails, stunning island views and the backdrop of crystal clear water combine for a perfect set of pictures and incredible stories. A small luxury cruise will give you the memories of a lifetime. As the clientele is exclusive, however, your privacy is respected. Unlike larger cruises, you won’t have nosy passengers or staff prying into your trip or sharing information about it without your permission.

Experts On Board

If you like yoga, imagine how much more you would like it on deck against a magical backdrop. As befits luxury holiday providers, small luxury cruises lay on a wide range of entertainment to ensure that passengers can be as active as they want. This isn’t just a gym room, but an immersive experience. From guest speakers to sought after yoga instructors, historians with local knowledge to botanists pointing out rare plants en route, you will have the best information and coaching available at your beck and call throughout your days on the water. A small luxury cruise has all the great things a bigger cruise has, such as fun and sightseeing, with a level of refinement, exclusivity and desirability which most people will never experience. Yet, if you book off season, or with a special offer, you might be able to step into this gilded world of relaxation for less than you think. Why not speak to your travel agent today and enquire what small luxury cruises they carry on their books?