Soothe Your Back Pain With These Four Easy Treatments

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Millions of people suffer from chronic and acute back pain. It is one of the leading causes for missed work, and it’s one of the most common reasons for disability. Back pain has the potential to seriously disrupt your life, but it doesn’t have to. There are several back pain treatments you can try to soothe your back pain at home. If you’re looking to avoid dangerous prescription painkillers and surgery, try these treatments to ease your pain.


When you have a backache, resting until the pain subsides is your best course of action, right? Not so much, actually. While it’s a good idea to take it easy if you’re suffering from an acute injury, many types of back pain are actually made worse by too much rest. Resting too much also leads to decreased muscle strength and can increase your pain. Engaging in gentle exercises that stretch and strengthen your muscles could reduce or even eliminate your back pain. Try going for an easy walk or signing up for a yoga class. According to studies published in the Clinical Journal of Pain, yoga can reduce chronic pain in the lower back. Yoga helps you build strength and improve range of motion while loosening tight muscles. Staying active and engaging in daily exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight, resulting in less stress on your spine and back muscles.

Herbal Therapies and Supplements

Before you reach for the painkillers, consider trying a more natural alternative. While these treatments are generally safe, it’s important to consult with your doctor before trying any supplements or herbal therapies. If you’re ready to try a natural approach to escaping from your back pain, here are a few herbs and supplements for back pain to try:
  • Glucosamine sulfate. If you’re suffering from back pain as the result of arthritis, glucosamine sulfate could help. Many people experience significant relief from their symptoms while taking glucosamine sulfate supplements.
  • Calcium and magnesium. When taken together, calcium and magnesium can help reduce painful muscle spasms. Studies also indicate that magnesium helps reduce the intensity of pain and improves mobility in the lumbar spine.
  • Herbal therapies. For some people, certain herbs provide relief from back pain. If you’re suffering from serious soreness as the result of overexertion, try Arnica. For back spasms, Bryonia may help. Turmeric is believed to reduce inflammation and pain, as does capsaicin cream when applied to the skin.

Aquatic Therapy

If you’re looking for a good excuse to relax in a jacuzzi, this is it! The buoyancy of water reduces strain on your joints and encourages gentle stretching of your muscles. If you’re using a jacuzzi or whirlpool bath, aim the jets directly where you’re experiencing pain for a soothing massage. You may also want to try aquatic exercises in a warm swimming pool. Gentle swimming, knee-to-chest exercises, pool walking and several other aquatic exercises for back pain have proven effective for many back pain sufferers.

Heat and Cold

Hot and cold packs can provide more relief than a lot of people realize. Generally speaking, an ice pack is most effective for inflammation and helps ease swelling. Heat, in the form of a heating pad or hot water bottle, eases muscle spasms and reduces tension and cramping. Experiment for yourself to determine which works best for you. Many people find that alternating between hot and cold provides the most effective relief. If you’re suffering from back pain, you certainly aren’t alone. But you don’t have to live with the pain forever or expose yourself to the risk associated with surgery and prescription painkillers. The back pain treatments outlined above have provided significant relief for countless people suffering from all types of back pain. Try a few for yourself and find out which one works best for you.