Take Care of Your Domain…and Website

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Everyone uses domain providers and Website builders for their sites nowadays. They are safe, convenient, effective, and fast. They get better and better each year. Providers are consistently updating the quality and number of templates you can choose from to get the most professional looking site possible. Does it cost money? Yes, of course it does, nothing is free anymore. However, they do not cost much at all. The price is actually negligible if you are running a business. The other costs and expenses are what make you stay up at night. The domain provider gives you a domain name or Website address, so you can dig in and lay the foundation for your business on the Internet. These domain names are crucial for your Website and your business. The name of your business is unique to you, just like your fingerprints.

Why Your Domain is Important

Again, your Website name/address is a one of a kind. Your domain name is how people access your Website. It needs to be catchy, appropriate to your business, and short enough to remember. If your Website is part of your business, you know that the business world is a cruel, unforgiving place. You must protect yourself at all times. Your domain name may become very popular. A popular domain name can be worth a lot of money. If people are flocking to that Website every day, every businessperson is going to want it for themselves. If Amazon was to give up its domain name tomorrow, billions of people would be trying to pick it up the second it goes live to buy. Website builders, like GoDaddy, not only help you build your site, but give you a great deal on a domain that you pay for yearly at a very low price. it auto-renews every year, so no one can take it from you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Again, the price is negligible. Generally, for a domain name, you are going to pay about $1/month, paid in a yearly fee.  That is pretty cheap. The prices vary even more for a builder to set up your site. Some Websites require a certain amount for certain templates. Some have a fixed fee to get started creating your Website. Regardless of how expensive or cheap they are, most of them are quality sites and very affordable for what you get from them. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of sites that are actually free to use to build a Website. But keep in mind that they might not be the best quality compared to others. For example, GoDaddy, Domain.com, FatCow.com, and others offer free domain name registrations when you sign up for various plans that range from $1.99-$4.99 per month.

Domain Maintenance

When you select a domain provider, you are essentially going through its Website to build your site, which gives you the power to create, destroy, and change your domain settings. Google is a great place to have your domain because like most others, it gives you complete control over your Website settings. You can redirect other domain names to your main domain, and you can cache information and files into one place or multiples places. GoDaddy is another very easy domain to handle. Even if you are new to the game, managing the settings for your domain is simple. If you find yourself stuck or do not know what something is, usually there is a description of what the setting is and what it changes. Understand exactly what you need to change or leave alone. All domain sites and Website builders already have all the settings set to help you manage your site with ease. The default settings are just fine if you want to just leave them alone. Changing the settings can have significant effects on your Website. Change them with caution. Having your own domain name and Website brings customers to your business. Having an attractive, easy to use site is of the utmost importance.  Ready to choose a domain name and build your Website?