Tales (and Tails) to Tell: Hunting and Fishing in Alaska

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There are few places on Earth that are as beautiful and extreme as Alaska. That is why people go there to hunt and fish. You can get to certain areas in Siberia or perhaps the northern parts of the Nordic countries to find similar landscape and wildlife, but Alaska is easily reached from anywhere in the world, making it far simpler to get yourself there for your next sporting trip. What is it like to live in Alaska with such incredible wildlife? Check out the TV show, Mountain Men, or the movie, Into the Wild. For more information, visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Popular Hunting

While there are some restrictions in place concerning what, where, and when you can hunt in Alaska, there is always great opportunities to be had in the amazing state. The area is vast, and the types of game are equally as expansive. There are some types of hunting that are more popular than the others. Alaska is home to the largest tracts of land that are virtually untouched by man. If you consider the fact that the entire state is one-fifth the size of the United States and that there is only one major city, it is easier to visualize just how much wilderness is there. Given its wide-open spaces, many different species of animals and fish are free to thrive, which means that hunting opportunities there are among the best in North America. The most common game in Alaska include moose, caribou, Dall sheep, goats, muskox, and wolves. The trick to finding these animals is where the challenge comes in. Although many animals thrive, they also move over incredible distances to get from one food source to another. That means to hunt them, you must find them.

Popular Fishing

There are many types of fishing to do in Alaska. The most common recreational fishing is done in the rivers and lakes. But fishing in the ocean is also pursued sometimes. Saltwater fishermen and those who prefer to stay in the freshwater are usually different people and have completely different goals in what they do. One thing that they have in common is that in Alaska, there are plenty of fish to catch wherever you decide to go and whichever type of fishing you decide to do. If you are looking for a great place to do some salmon fishing, Alaska is the best choice. The rivers and lakes of Alaska serve as the end of the road for many salmon, and the waters are just teaming with them. Some of the most common fish caught in Alaska are steelhead, as well as many varieties of trout, shrimp, salmon, and halibut. It is hard to say which are the best to catch because the experience includes more than just the fish on the line. For such a huge state that is full of rivers, lakes, and an extremely long coastline, the fishing opportunities are almost endless.


There is, of course, very specific equipment that you should bring with you on your adventure. Some for guarding against the elements; some for trapping, tricking, calling, and killing the animal that you are looking for; and others for caring for what you catch. Proper gear for staying safe includes a topographic map and GPS unit, so you always know where you are. Getting lost in such a large place is not something that you want to do. You should also bring spotting equipment, which enables you to see the wildlife that you want. Animals of all kinds depend greatly on their noses for survival, so if they smell you before you see them, chances are that you will never see them. If you are planning a hunting trip to Alaska, you should already know that though. Bringing a high-powered rifle and all the necessary cleaning supplies is necessary. The Alaskan wilderness is rugged and can wreak havoc on firearms. It is essential to be able to conduct maintenance. Taking along tools for cleaning and storing your catch is also important. It can sometimes be multiple days from getting your catch or your kill to getting back to civilization, so being able to clean and pack the animal or fish for transport is a primary skill.

Licenses and Rules

Alaska has very specific rules attached to both hunting and fishing. Certain types of hunting and fishing are generally only allowed in some seasons, so it is good to know what it is that you want to go after long before you go. Are you looking for a leisurely, small-game trip, or are you in the market to test your mettle? Either way, you need to plan your trip accordingly. Make Alaska your destination for your next hunting or fishing adventure. Get out there to experience the land and water as sportsmen who came before you did so many generations ago. You might catch yourself a once-in-a-lifetime prize or you might not, but what you learn about yourself will be valuable for the rest of your life. What would you prefer to hunt or catch in Alaska? Why?