Top 5 All-Inclusive Luxury Cruises

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You have worked so hard for the whole year, so now it’s time to finally relax and get some rest. Of course, you want everything to be on top, including excellent service, friendly staff, delicious meals, exciting destinations, and interesting activities. You know that you deserve the best. So, check out this list of top all-inclusive cruises and start planning your next vacation. All of them have everything you need: great food, entertainment, fitness facilities, and so much more. After all, they are called “all-inclusive”, right?


Seabourn cruise line sails to the Caribbean and Europe. They can make you feel real posh while you’re there. This cruise line is perfect for people who enjoy the company of other experienced and sophisticated travelers. Seabourn focuses on the service quality, so there will always be someone to help you, entertain you, and fill your glass. What can you expect from this cruise line? Expect great food. It is fresh, meaning it is prepared after you order it, not defrosted. The menu includes such upscale foods as foie gras, exquisite crème brûlée, and different kinds of seafood. There are vegetarian, low fat, and low salt options available, so even if you are on a diet due to some health issues, you will still be able to enjoy your every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Expect the entertainment to be classy. Dining, movies, cabarets, library, and cooking classes from professional chefs – that’s what Seabourn guests enjoy the most. The program also includes inspiring guests who are going to enlighten you about politics, art, literature, and world affairs.


If you’re into traveling to inaccessible locations across the globe, then all-inclusive yacht cruises by Ponant are for you. Ponant specializes in creating itineraries to the exotic places across Europe and the Caribbean. Their cruises are also famous for superb comfort, intimate atmosphere, and special themed trips. Are you into culinary, jazz, golf, or bridge? Ponant has a special cruise for each of those hobbies. Do you enjoy taking care of yourself? Then you can pick one of their wellness programs. Another great feature of Ponant cruises is that all ships are eco-friendly and equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee your safety and protect the environment. Ships’ capacity is usually from 60 to 225 guests, which means you will never feel like the place is overcrowded. Ponant cruises are perfect for people who enjoy remote ports and open-air cruising. All ships have large terraces, sundecks, sea-level platforms, and private balconies in cabins. At the same time, every ship feels like a private yacht.

Crystal Cruises

Provided by Crystal Cruises, deluxe trips around the Caribbean will leave every guest satisfied. The large ships are stylish and luxurious; the staff is highly-trained and friendly, offering personalized service and approach. You will enjoy exotic destinations around the world and excellent food at numerous specialty restaurants. This cruise line takes entertainment seriously. Educational programs, interactive creative learning, Broadway-style shows, language classes, bingo, and more activities are offered on board. And, of course, there are fitness centers for people who take care of themselves even when they are on vacation.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This cruise line truly is all-inclusive as even shore excursions are included in the price. The company offers itineraries around Europe, the Caribbean, and even to Alaska. You can dine at various specialty restaurants and you don’t have to worry about the bill as the meals are also included in the price. You can expect the highest level of service. Another great thing is that Regent has different ships, some are more formal, others are quite informal. So, if you’re in the mood for a sophisticated trip where you have to wear a tuxedo every evening, you can choose a cruise to your liking. If you’re into easy-going socializing and informal ambiance, but still want a luxurious vacation, you can pick a journey on a less formal ship. Entertaining events are organized specifically for each separate ship. Guest lecturers, diplomats, musicians, artists, and comedians will accompany you on the trip. Workshops and discussions also take place on every cruise, so you definitely won’t get bored.

Seadream Yacht Club

Their ships are as luxurious as other large and famous cruise ships. At the same time, Seadream’s ships are capable of sailing to ports of call that big cruise ships cannot visit. Also, the service on these ships is exceptional as there are usually 95 crew members per 110 passengers, so you will get all the personal attention that you need. If you prefer to choose your own activities, then this cruise line will be perfect for you. You can decide how active or relaxed you want to be on any given day. And you definitely won’t feel bored as Seadream’s ships rarely repeat their itineraries. They always search for new exciting destinations, changing the routes on a week-to-week basis. So, hesitate no more and start packing your suitcases. The sea awaits!