Top Bicycle Parts for Avid Cyclists

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For many, there is nothing in the world more exhilarating than cycling. Whether you are racing downhill, touring a continent, or doing some tricks at the X Games, a bike that can keep up is only as good as its weakest link. When everything is on the line, it is imperative that every piece of the bike is durable enough to avoid catastrophic results.

Brands for Bicycle Parts

In the world of cycling, there are bicycle parts, and then there are parts made by world-famous companies that strive to be the best they can be. The companies behind the industry’s best innovation and groundbreaking entries into the marketplace are in tough competition to perfect something that is already perfect. They are continuously pushing boundaries and regularly come up with new designs and concepts that blow previous generations out of the water. Here is a short list of just some of those game-changers.


GT has long been one of the best manufacturers in the bicycle industry. Known for its tough, race-ready build quality, GT bikes and parts have been popular with cyclists who require dependability. BMX racing was, in part, a result of GT's first bikes.


Scott has been around for quite a long time. Since 1989, the company has pioneered many things for the mountain bike community, such as aerodynamic handlebars and super-light bikes that almost no other company can match. Scott is a trusted name for athletes the world over, and the company is likely to continue long into the future.


A name that is synonymous with quality, is Cannondale. The company creates top-quality bikes that are more than capable of handling any kind of riding task. They are perfect for downhill racing and rugged tracks, and there are also models built for speed. Whether you are a competitor or an enthusiast, the parts created by Cannondale are second to none.


Giant might be one of the best brands available. Professional cyclists of all kinds flock to Giant for the parts that it has to offer. Everything from conduct brake systems to road disk rotors to stems, seat posts, pedals, saddles, and much more are available, giving you the chance to keep up with the competition.


Trek is another name that is at least as popular as Cannondale. Around since the mid-seventies, Trek has a huge range of products and bikes. Some of its most popular parts are derailleurs, cranksets, headsets, and shifters. But there are many others, as well. Trek is a brand that can be seen in just about every competition known to professional cyclists, and there is a good reason for it. Everything it produces works as intended, is lightweight, and easy to maintain.


Shimano makes some of the best shifters on the market, especially the performance 105 shifters. If you are one of the lucky few who have one of these fantastic parts for your build, make sure that you use the Shimano 105 shifters manual to install it. If you don't have the manual, it is better to go to a professional service to have the work done for you.

Professional Service vs. DIY

The question concerning whether you should take your prized bike into the shop for repairs or fix it in your own garage really just depends on you. Specialized bike repair shops have all the tools needed to do whatever jobs are needed quickly and safely, and they guarantee their work. They can usually handle everything from simple to complex tasks within a matter of days, and when you get your bike back, it is usually as good as new. Your own garage becomes an interesting choice when you see your bike as more of a hobby. It can be a lot of fun building and repairing parts on a bike, and these days all the specialized parts and manuals can be found online very easily. If your professional Shimano 105 shifters manual comes in along with your new part, you can have the whole thing taken apart and put back together again in no time at all. Well, maybe not no time. It usually takes at least a day for novice bike mechanics following a guidebook or “YouTube University” lesson. The satisfaction that you get from doing the work yourself is more than enough to outweigh any issues with the fit and finish of your handy work. If you consider yourself a true cyclist, only the best parts will do. When you are pushing your bike to its absolute limits, you have to know that you can trust the gear that you have attached to the frame. If you are going to skimp out on anything, get yourself a budget pair of spandex and save your money for the top-rate bike parts that give you the edge that you are looking for - and keep you as safe as possible. What kind of bike do you have? And do you fix it yourself or depend on professionals?