Top Rated Cruise Lines For First-Timers

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Choosing the cruise ship for the first time can be really challenging. Whether you are feeling nervous because you know the history of Titanic (don’t worry, things like that don’t happen anymore) or you simply don’t know what to expect from the cruise, it is difficult to arrive at a decision. Especially when the choice is so wide. Here is a list of the best cruise lines for people who have never experienced cruising before. Look through it and prepare to have the best vacation ever.

Carnival Cruise Line

Why choose Carnival Cruise Line? Because their ships are not what you usually think of a cruise. They are fun, informal, bright, and yet high-class. If you are a first timer, you will love the Carnival cruises because they don’t require you to obey many rules. If you thought that cruising meant wearing tuxedos, eating caviar, and listening to live music while discussing the world politics, you should definitely check out the Carnival Cruise Line’s ships. They focus on entertainment, activities, food, and drinks. This cruise line is perfect for young couples, friends, families, and people who know how to enjoy themselves. Another great thing about Carnival Cruise Line is that it offers the best value for money. As a cruise newbie, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a thing you’ve never tried before. So, pick the Caribbean itinerary and enjoy exotic locations, interesting excursions, and fun onboard activities for the best price.

Royal Caribbean International

This cruise line’s name itself gives you a hint that you will feel like royalty while cruising. Superb service, great food, and deluxe ships will set the best mood for your travel. But what first timers will love the most about this cruise line is the possibility to find activities for people of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to travel alone, with friends, or with a big family, everyone will find something exciting to do on the ship. Royal Caribbean ships feature numerous onboard entertainment facilities, for example, skating rinks, rock climbing walls, water slides, volleyball courts, and more. If you have kids, you can be sure that they won’t get bored. At the same time, adults will always have something to do too, as there are spas, specialty restaurants, educational programs, live music, and more ways to entertain yourself on every cruise ship.

Princess Cruises

This cruise line allows first timers to feel the atmosphere of a classical formal cruise combined with a relaxed modern attitude. Each ship offers excellent food and great onboard facilities. The Princess’s most famous ships sail to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and many other destinations across the globe. There are onboard stores, pubs, specialty restaurants, and places of entertainment on every large cruise ship. Singing performances, movies under the stars, Broadway-style shows, magicians, comedians, street entertainers, disco parties, casinos, bingo, and much more fun ways to entertain yourself are available on board. You can even celebrate Christmas on one of the Princess’s cruise ships. There are many relaxing cruises available, so you can really enjoy a stress-less vacation you’ve dreamed of.


The Hurtigruten cruise line provides trips to the Norwegian Fjords and the Arctic. Why is it good for newbies? Because it will allow you to step away from the traditional image of the classic cruise. Forget the huge ships and enjoy the relaxed and intimate atmosphere on one of the small ships, which can accommodate up to 350 guests. With Hurtigruten, you will experience a completely different style of cruising. This cruise line is perfect for people who appreciate traveling off the beaten path. There are 34 ports to visit and more than 60 on-shore excursions you can choose from. Plus, you will get to taste the local food. And don’t forget about such wonders of nature as the Northern lights and the midnight sun. This is a perfect combination for every traveler, but especially for the first timer: comfort, great company, delicious food, outstanding excursions, and the breathtaking nature.

Silversea Cruise Line

This cruise company is perfect for mature travelers or people who want to see what a real classic cruise looks like. Pack your suit or fancy dress and get ready to dine at sophisticated restaurants, listen to live music, and have interesting conversations with other passengers. You probably won’t see a child on the Silversea ship, but you will meet many experienced travelers and enjoy the excellent service. Don’t forget that Silversea’s cruises are all-inclusive, which is great for first timers. You won’t have to worry about unpredictable expenses, as the room service, spirits, wine, and even transportation will be included in the price. Plus, you will be able to enjoy interesting itineraries and choose among more than 800 destinations. Now you see that your first time on the cruise ship won’t be a fiasco. Choose one of the top rated cruise lines, and you will have the time of your life.