Want to Rent a Limo for a Special Occasion?

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Sure, why not?! But how do you find one to rent? Are they just in the big cities? Do they cost a fortune? Are they safe? Most limo rides are full of fun and excitement. But safety needs to be a priority if you rent one. There have been accidents involving limos. You sure don’t want to get hurt or have anyone else injured to ruin your night on the town…or even your life. For example, a limo accident in New York left four women dead. Limos are often found in larger cities, but can be available in smaller areas, as well. Just search the Internet for the nearest limo services and browse through their line of vehicles to see if any offer that awesome, stretch, Hummer limo. Once you find one, or two, or even more, you can compare prices and availability. Here is a pro tip for you: Try and rent a limo on weekdays before 5pm. The rates are significantly lower than any other time. Understandably, this only works if you have weddings or other events before that deadline.

How to Rent a Limo

There are some things to consider when renting a limo. One, responsible person 21 years of age or older must put up a credit card to rent the limo. The process works like a hotel room. You rent the limo for a certain amount of time, they provide certain things for you, and some include fees. Once you are done with it, fees, services, and taxes are summed up in the final bill. Make sure you know what fees that service will incur based on what you do in that limo. Some services tack on a cleaning charge, no matter if the interior is dirty and trashed or not. You may want to stay away from services that nickel-and-dime their customers. You may have a great time, but you pay for it. Once you know what you are getting into, you agree upon a time and a route. The company gives you a rough estimate in the beginning. There are services that have a flat rate for the number of hours you rent the limo. Make sure you do the math and figure out if you are overpaying. Any Hummer limo should be around $125 per hour at a base rate. Once you figure out your route and stops, the service may include out-of-district and fuel fees. Most services do not incorporate fees on top, but just include them into the price. For example, a customer of Avi Limo in Denver stated: “We hired Avi Limo for prom for a group of 13-Junior and Senior kids. He was excellent and very reasonable. He stocked the limo with some soda and plenty of water. Avi was diligent in mapping out their itinerary so the kids were delivered to the spot for photos, the restaurant, Prom site and After-Prom. When there was extra time in the schedule, Avi drove the kids around to maximize their time and made a special request stop. We also provided Avi a camera to take any candid photos he through would be good and he was happy to oblige. The kids had an amazing time and said Avi was great. He was nice, treated them as young adults and they thought it was especially cool when he rolled out a red carpet at all of their pre-designated stops!”

Do's and Don'ts

All it takes is for one of your friends to do something against the rules in the back of the limo for your entire party to come to a halt. There are limo services that have zero-tolerance policies on certain things. These things are what drunk people often do. If you have friends like that, you may want to consider not inviting them, if they cannot behave themselves. The limo service wants to give you an amazing experience, but it is also concerned with your safety while chauffeuring you around. Hummer limos have at least one moonroof. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to stand up on something and hang out of it while it is driving down the street. That is a big no-no. You cannot hang out of it with open drinks and yell and scream at people on the street. Think of a limo like an airplane. You cannot move around too much when it is in flight. Only from point A to point B. The driver is happy to go over the rules and what you can do and not do during your rental. Although, you should know beforehand what the rules are that the service will hammer you on if you are not careful. Also, keep in mind that one person puts up a credit card to rent the limo. Any fees and damages are charged to that card. Do not be that friend who ruins someone's bank account because you damaged the Hummer limo. That is just not cool.

Groupon and Other Discounts

Just like any other business, limo services offer discounts for certain people, such as veterans, students, seniors, city safety personnel, and others. Check with the company to see if you qualify for any of these discounts. You can also use Groupon to take advantage of huge discounts. It offers large markdowns in promotional sales. All you have to do is buy the discount. It is a small price to pay for something that costs far more otherwise. Renting a Hummer limo can give you an experience that stays in your memory forever. They really are stunning vehicles. You can have a ridiculous amount of fun in them, if you take care and party right. Have safety in mind as you cruise downtown in your tricked-out limo. Have you ever rented in a limo? Was it worth it?