What You May Sacrifice Booking Affordable Beach Resorts

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We’ve all dreamt of lying on a sunny beach relaxing -  but is it possible to have a great beach resort holiday without breaking the bank? A lot of people book dream beach resorts. Sometimes they are all inclusive, so for one price as well as accommodation you will also get your meals and drinks. But others are not all-inclusive and as the benefits reduce, so often does the price tag. But that can make them within reach of a more modest budget. So, what might you be sacrificing when you book an affordable beach resort? Here we’ll give you the lowdown on what you might not get and you can make your own decision on what kind of beach resort would be best for you.

Free Food and Drinks

The obvious thing you may sacrifice at an affordable resort is food and drinks which are complimentary. More expensive resorts often include these in the price, meaning that you can splurge at the buffet and knocking back drinks without having to give a second thought to the price tag. But when you head to an affordable resort, food and drinks will be something else you will need to stump up for once you arrive. That can add a lot of cost, especially when the resort is isolated and its prices reflect that fact that most guests won’t head to the nearest alternative to eat. On the other hand, it does give you freedom to choose what you want and the opportunity for more variety during the course of your stay.

The Beach Isn’t Just for You

Some more costly resorts offer a private beach for guests – but this isn’t likely to be the case in more wallet friendly places. Costly resorts sometimes have their own private beach, or at least a section of the main beach which is reserved exclusively for their guests. There is no doubt that this can help give you more space, privacy and quiet with which to enjoy the beach life. More affordable resorts won’t usually offer this, and sometimes you may feel that you are in competition with hundreds of other guests of local resorts to get your beach towel down in the best spot. That  does depend on the resort, though, as well as the season. Even very low cost resorts sometimes have a beach more or less to themselves even if it is not actually a private beach. They may also be located near a beach so large that you can easily find enough space regardless of whether or not the beach is private.

The Spa Is Still Great – But at a Price

Beach holidays are all about relaxation – and what can be more relaxing than enjoying a good treatment in the spa? Resorts often boast spas which offer wonderful treatments, but not wonderful prices. In costly resorts, the spas are not usually totally free, but they will offer you one or two treatments for free or at a discounted cost. In an affordable resort, if you want the spa you can – but you have to splash out more money.

Make Your Own Entertainment

One of the great things about getting away from your daily life is you have time to be entertained – but you might not have the appetite to pay hand over fist for it. All inclusive resorts often include some entertainment, such as a performance of local dancing or a musical group. They may also offer free childcare to entertain children while the parents take a well-earned break. At the more affordable beach resorts, this is sometimes offered but usually it is not.

Hit the Water – and Your Wallet

Being at a beach resort by the sea makes a lot of people want to enjoy it with some watersports, but enthusiasm to splash in the sea doesn’t mean you want so splash the cash. Some high end resorts will offer some free watersports, sometimes free lessons, and even the chance to get out as often as you would like. More affordable resorts won’t have that for you, so if you want to have a jetski or waterskiing experience it will add to the cost. That said, sometimes local operators will also offer a good rate. In practice few people actually want to head out for tiring watersports many times during a holiday. Any holiday at a beach resort is bound to be enjoyable, relaxing and memorable, whether it’s a five star palace or a shack by the shore. More affordable resorts don’t offer everything – but you free up a lot of money, to enjoy the holiday the way you want. Which beach resort would you most like to check out when you have a chance? Why not start looking today?