Where to Vacation at an All-Inclusive Resort in Hawaii

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The costs that are incurred during a vacation, especially a high-class one, can be steep. When you’re trying to relax, enjoy yourself, and get away from stress, why should you have to worry about how much money you’re spending? That’s one of the reasons to explore all-inclusive vacation packages, which bundle room, food, libations, activities, and more into a single, nightly fee.

The Paradox of All-Inclusive Hawaiian Resorts

All-inclusive deals are more common in places where tourists are, for safety reasons, discouraged from leaving the hotel grounds; instead, the resort provides food, activities, and other amenities for a single, package price. But Hawaii, unlike Jamaica or Cancun, is a safe and friendly locale where tourists are encouraged to leave the hotel grounds to experience the local food, culture, and sights. Nonetheless, some Hawaiian resorts offer all-inclusive deals—or do they? You’re bound to see ads and reviews of hotels that claim to be all-inclusive, but upon further investigation, the price includes a room, limited meals, and one-time vouchers for activities and attractions. Anyone who shows up expecting a truly all-inclusive experience will be sorely disappointed. There is, however, one resort that stands out and truly delivers on the promise of an all-inclusive package. Beyond that, it takes full advantage of Maui’s rich history and culture as well as its sprawling, tropical beauty. If you want to enjoy the sights, sounds, and other sensations that Hawaii has to offer at a single, one-time price, then look no further than the Travaasa Hana.

The Basics of Island Living

The Travaasa Hana Resort offers all-inclusive packages for individuals at $700 per night and for couples at $1,000 per night. Your private lanai will treat you to a view of the ocean or of lush, tropical gardens. Each room is furnished with organic, free-trade coffee as well as a fridge stocked with a supply of bottled water. Included in the package are three chef-prepared meals each day, gratuities, and even a fresh loaf of banana bread waiting to welcome you into your room. What you won’t find at Travaas Hana, unlike at most hotels and resorts, are the annoying accoutrements of our everyday lives. The facilities eschew radios, televisions, and even clocks so that you can devote your attention to enjoying the easy, breezy Hawaaian island lifestyle. “Breezy,” by the way, is literal; ceiling fans replace air conditioners in Maui’s mild climate, while each room’s panoramic doors let you welcome in the sea air and sunsets. Unlike most all-inclusive resorts (and others that only claim to be all-inclusive), there is no minimum booking at Travaasa Hana. You will be able to stay for a few days or a full week, depending on your schedule and budget. This will give you all the time you need to enjoy the resort’s many exciting on-site activities and excursions.

The All-Inclusive Adventure

Beyond the lavish accommodations, the real draw of Travaasa Hana’s all-inclusive package is the total access it provides you to the resort’s facilities and programs. These include classes and activities, both exciting and relaxing, divided into five broad categories. If you’re looking for island adventure, you can go horseback riding on scenic trails, hang glide on the beach, take a canoeing trip, or try your hand (and feet) at stand-up paddle boarding. For those with a refined palate and an interest in the flavors of Hawaii, culinary classes on cocktail and smoothie mixing are on offer. If you’re more interested in soaking up the culture of the islands, you can learn the art of making leis, playing the ukulele, fishing with a traditional bamboo cane pole or a throwing net, or take a scenic bicycle ride through Maui’s streets and trails. Fitness activities offered include guided yoga, morning coastal walks, tennis, and even a private fitness boot camp with a personal trainer. For those of us who would rather enjoy some professional relaxation, spa treatments and guided mediation are also available. Some of these activities normally incur a fee, but all-inclusive vacationers will receive a $175 credit per night that can be applied to spa treatments, private classes, trail rides, and other activities that would typically cost extra. In addition to their own proprietary programs for visitors, the resort also offers various excursions to local sites. These include the Hana town center and cultural center, Hana Bay, Kahanu Gardens, the Wai’anapanapa State Park, the Haleakala National Park, and the Ono Organic farms. Between the landscape and the plethora of activities, you’ll never be bored at Travaasa Hana—and with their generous vacation package, you certainly won’t have to break the bank either. If you’re hungry for a taste of Hawaii and want to enjoy a truly all-inclusive experience, then Maui’s Travaasa Hana Resort should be the one and only place that you need to look.