Where and What to Stay in While Visiting Yosemite National Park

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If you have never been to Yosemite, you are definitely missing out on an experience of a lifetime. The sheer beauty of the park is enough to make any nature enthusiast excited, but beauty is only the beginning of what the park has to offer. The activities that can be enjoyed are seemingly endless. There are animals everywhere, as well. If you are a curious observer and photography is something you enjoy, there are plenty of chances to catch moments of the natural world unfolding right before your eyes. The park is a hit with all friends and families who go there year after year. Check out Yosemite’s Reservations page for details.

Lodging Options at Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is a wondrous place, full of incredible scenery, wildlife, and wilderness. The Park, situated in California, is one of the most well-known places in the United States. Miles upon miles of mountains, cliffs, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls make Yosemite National Park a perfect place for your next vacation. It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are, either. There are many kinds of accommodations all through the park, including camp sites that cater to tent camping, RV camping areas, cabins, and even hotels for those who like to have a well-manicured roof over their heads. Oh, and we forgot to mention. If you are more of the adventurous type, it is possible to bring your tent with you into the woods for a true one-with-nature experience. Just remember to bring your harmonica and bear spray, and you should be fine.


Staying in a tent definitely puts you as close to nature as possible. There are different options for tent camping while you are in Yosemite, and they range from semi-adventurous to adventurous in the amount of skill and preparation that is required. The less adventurous of the two options is staying at a campground. These are manicured areas that have been cordoned off from the forested area, and every camper gets a small plot on which they can pitch their tent. There are often bathrooms and showers nearby, and the need to go into the actual forest is minimal. Campground tent camping is the cheapest of all the available methods of staying at Yosemite. It can feel a bit restrictive for some who like a bit of freedom and solitude, but the tradeoff is that safety from wild animals is almost guaranteed and there are bathrooms - a major convenience while camping. The other option is, as you have probably already guessed, tent camping in the sticks. This is where you pack all your food, water, first aid kit, tent, and anything else that you think that you need and head into the woods for a night or several amongst the trees. The pros are obvious. You have the freedom from today’s commotion and complete silence at night, except, of course, for the random animal footstep noises that you hear through the night. You may feel alone out there, but that is not the case. The forest is teaming with life – even if you don’t see it while you are setting up camp. Much of it comes alive after dark. While most of the critters are small, the sounds of them moving around can be a but unnerving but thrilling at the same time.


Staying in an RV is a perfect option for many people who want the privacy and freedom of camping, but also who want something a little sturdier protecting them from the elements and animals. RVs are great because they are mobile and can either be parked away from all the other park visitors or at an RV campground. The campground has the advantage of being able to plug the RV into water and electrical sources, making it possible to do everyday tasks, like washing up after a meal and watching television. The advantage to driving further out is mainly the peace and quiet that you get.


If you are looking for that homey feeling, stay in one of the many cabins. Many people choose this option when they are travelling with a large family or just want to have a place to call home while on vacation. Cabins come with all kinds of amenities that you could need for a stay at Yosemite National Park, including a small kitchen, bathroom, foldout couch, and beds. There is also usually an area around the cabin where the kids can play or where you can build a campfire once the sun goes down. Whoever you are and whatever you are interested in, there is a perfect form of accommodation for everyone at Yosemite. Ranging from the comfort of a down blanket on a plush bed to the rugged, dirt flour of a tent on the face of a cliff, your options are as wide open as the terrain. Ready to make some s'mores and enjoy a night under the stars?