Where To Get Psychic Readings via the Internet

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Finding a psychic is a tricky business. It doesn't matter if you want a traditional reading or if you want to get your cards read. You still have to find a psychic with whom you feel a kinship, and the odds are pretty good that you don't exactly want anyone to know your business—correct? In that case, it's often better to turn to the Internet. Don't worry. Pursuing a psychic reading on the Internet is quite a bit different from calling those old 1-800 numbers to talk to a member of the Psychic Friends Network. That said, there are scammers out there, which is why it's always better to research and read reviews before you commit to picking the person who's going to tell you about your future.

Google It First

This piece of advice probably seems self-explanatory and straightforward, but that's the point. How many results appear after you search for “online psychic”? There are hundreds of thousands, making it all but impossible to tell which psychics are legitimate. Here's a pro tip: Google always shows the top results first. Those results are on top for a reason, so start there. Jot down five or six of the search results on the first page. That's your starting point. Because of their rankings, those sites are more likely to belong to legitimate, reputable, and trustworthy sources.

Decide What Kind Of Reading You Want

The reading you want plays a role in the psychic you choose, of course. Some psychics specialize in love advice. Some use the Tarot cards to look into your future. Others are empaths. See, that's another reason to research. You need to know what's out there and what each psychic does. It also helps to know what questions you want to ask before you have your reading, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Once you've chosen your reading, you may even want to refine your search and write down the new results.

Look For Places That Offer Free Readings

Not all psychic websites and networks offer free readings to first-time visitors, but some do. It's worthwhile to take advantage of this amenity so that you can judge how you feel about both the network and the psychic who works with you. If you don't trust your psychic or there's no rapport between the two of you, then you'll never feel truly happy or content with your reading. Check Out Ranker Sites You can always find a site that ranks anything you can imagine, from Bruce Willis movies to online psychics. Search for sites that list psychics, especially if those rankings use customer reviews as their basis. It's always helpful to see what other consumers think about a product or service you're considering. Specifically, it's worthwhile to find out if you're wasting your time before you actually waste it.

Ask Around

Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. If you know people who also enjoy receiving psychic readings online, and if you trust their discretion as well as their opinions, then feel free to ask for recommendations. It can't hurt. Again, however, since readings are typically personal in nature, don't try this if you're not comfortable sharing with people you know.

Head To Facebook

Yes, this sounds silly, but stick with it. Facebook is an excellent place to discover opinions, both solicited and unsolicited. More to the point, there's a trend occurring on the social networking site, wherein users start local groups to sell goods and services. Write a post describing what you need—in this case, you're in search of a psychic—and you'll have a bevy of opinions, advice, and recommendations within the first five minutes. Exercise caution anytime you're paying money to someone for a service, particularly if you're making use of that service over the Internet. Listen to other people. Read reviews. Find someone who makes you feel comfortable. Only then can you put your future in someone else's hands.