Who Cut Your Hair?!

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Yes. It is noticeable. It is loud. It is uneven, fuzzy, bad, and just looks like you got a cheap haircut. Everyone has had a bad haircut at some point. It is embarrassing, frustrating, and not even for a short amount of time because it takes a few weeks to grow back. Sometimes, even longer. That is why it is so important to frequent a reputable barber shop or salon. You do not want to walk around with hair that people ask questions about. Questions like, "Is that style called the bird's nest?" Or, "I wonder where they got that mohawk mullet hybrid?" Those are not they types of questions you want to answer. You want people asking where you got your haircut, followed by or preceding a compliment. It is possible to have both an affordable salon/barber that cuts hair professionally. It is the best of both worlds.

Quality, Affordable Haircuts

Rule of thumb: Try searching online in your area for a shop. You will likely find more than a few in your town. Local barbershops and salons with good reputations are a great option. They are usually very competitively priced because of larger competitors. They also take time and ensure you get exactly what you want. They do not want to lose customers. And that works both ways. The big shops are trying to stake their claim in your town against the small businesses. They are usually a bit cheaper, just because they receive more customers. So, they can bring their prices down a bit. They also run specials and have coupons. The chain stores also have more training opportunities for their employees to keep up with current trends that change so often. It just depends on what you have in your city. The chains, like www.greatclips.com, might be the better choice. Or it may not.

Reviews of Cheap Haircuts

When you walk into a salon, you expect to see a well-kept shop with friendly staff who drop what they are doing to help you. You should expect cleanliness and plenty of materials near the customer waiting area to review haircuts and hair products. There is so much more that a good shop offers. When you get a cheap haircut from a person who has no experience and does not care about consistent quality, it shows. That is when you get a bad haircut. You can figure out if a place is bad or not, roughly anyways. Call them, and ask a person who has been there for a long time, or a manager, about how many redoes they do per month. If they do quite a lot, they are reputable. People go there to get their hair fixed, not messed up. If they do not do any, look elsewhere instead of giving them the green light to start cutting.

Customer Responsibility

When you walk through those doors, you should know roughly what you want. A good shop keeps records of your past haircuts. They prompt the "usual" unless you want something else. If you go in there with the dream of having some serious weaves, you must know what you want. A hair stylist never wants to hear you say something like, "surprise me." That is just the wrong answer. If you are unsure about what you want, ask them for materials or Websites that you can look at to decide. You can also have a conversation with them about what their professional opinion might be. You may be surprised at what they recommend. If you are unsure about what you want, ask them what would look best on you, based on what they can do with your hair. But, be sure you agree with your stylist before you commit. Hair cannot be put back on your head. There are not any mulligans once your hair looks ridiculous. A good haircut can come from anywhere. A cheap haircut just means that you did not pay much for it. The quality of the haircut does not depend how much you paid for it. An $8 haircut at a chain shop can be just as good as an expensive one at a salon. Local shops can do the same work, sometimes even better, then larger shops. Some people swear by local shops and do not get a haircut anywhere else. Pro tip: Once you find a stylist who gives you the perfect haircut, get their card with their info on it, so you can consistently go back to them for a redo. Where do you get your hair cut? Why?